Gary Diskin - Jan 19, 2015
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Travel reviews have a lot of importance and meaning especially for the hospitality industry. Just look at the statistics and you will see that a good review leads to more bookings. TrustYou recently published a study analyzing positive and negative hotel reviews. The study should help a hotel find out where the best places are to invest their dollars so that they get more positive travel reviews.

An analysis by TrustYou regarding negative review samples from a database was done and then compared with good reviews. The objective was to better comprehend the categories, which have the most important impact on scores. Another objective was to find out whether the hotel could consider certain takeaways to improve their facilities and services.

Over twenty million worldwide hotel reviews were analyzed and then a comparison was done as to the number of times a certain semantic category was mentioned. In addition, a comparison of variance in scores for negative versus positive reviews for every category was also done. Here are the findings of this study:

Most Trending Hotel Issues: Service, Location and Room

People who travel say that these are the three major hotel attributes that matter the most to them and these are what are normally mentioned in their reviews. Guests think of these attributes as prerequisites to a good hotel experience.

Service was however ranked the most important attribute. Poor service leads to a negative review with an average score of 28.5 out of a possible hundred while a good service leads to a higher and more positive score of 88.1 out of hundred.

Bad Internet Connection

Though this was not a major attribute, it gets low scores among all kinds of reviews. Bathrooms and beds are also most often mentioned in negative reviews. It is about 2.24 times likely that a negative review will mention the state of bathrooms in negative reviews as compared to a good review. Factors like size of bathroom and cleanliness are the most important issues for guests. If your hotel gets bad reviews then a possible cause is the state of bathrooms. If that is the case then it should be fixed. The same applies to the beds in the hotel.

Food and Breakfast Can Lead to Better Reviews

Proper food and breakfast will please most guests and will be mentioned in a positive review. Good food and beverage will more often than not help your hotel get positive reviews. Price and value are mentioned equally in good and bad reviews. Guests who perceive that they have obtained good value will leave a good review and vice versa. Price and value can help your hotel get good reviews.

Location is another factor, which cannot be fixed but will nevertheless affect the reviews left by guests. Also, make sure that cleanliness gets your attention and be sure to offer good Internet connection to your guests. Last but not least, monitor the reviews left behind by your hotel guests on a yearly basis, as this will help you improve your service and get more positive reviews.


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