Cecilia Garland - Nov 4, 2019
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Classical music attracts visitors. Thanks to Mozart and Beethoven, Salzburg and Bonn made it into the top ten of the hottest travel cities for the coming year.

Salzburg, Washington DC, Cairo, the European Capital of Culture Galway and Bonn are the five top destinations of the travel year 2020 recommended by the Australian cult travel guide "Lonely Planet". The reason for the attractiveness of Salzburg and Bonn lies in the culture.

In the coming year, Bonn will celebrate Beethoven's 250th birthday and Salzburg the 100th birthday of Mozart. In the new book "Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2020", Austria's "picturesque alpine town" Salzburg, therefore, ranks first in the destination ranking attracting visitors with its cultural heritage.

Travel experts write about Mozart's birthplace as number one and a must-see destination: "The Salzburg Festival will be 100th and the beautiful alpine town praises the anniversary to the skies. The festival is always a glittering celebration for friends of opera, classical music and theatre - and in 2020 it will be particularly pompous, because Salzburg will pull out all the stops for the anniversary."

Thanks to Ludwig van Beethoven and classical music, Bonn will finally become a top attraction again in 2020: "In 2020, on Beethoven's 250th birthday, Bonn will return to the limelight attracting visitors with numerous events and celebrations." Bonn had often wrongly stood in the shadow of more exciting cities. "Strolling through the medieval old town to the towering cathedral of Bonn and the stately Hofgarten, you will get a slight idea of the romantic atmosphere that inspired Beethoven. In the "Don't miss" category, a visit to the Beethoven House is recommended.

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