Sleeping in a Concrete Tube and Paying for That?

Vanderlei J. Pollack - Oct 01, 2015
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It is notable that 'luxurious' and 'drainage pipes' are words that are rarely used in the same sentence; but in this case, its uniqueness ideally suits the situation. Who would have thought that concrete tubing, like the ones used in drainage pipes, could be actually structured to look so inviting? That is exactly what Tubohotel is doing as one of the best minimalist hotels not only in Mexico, but also in the entire world just to give travelers an epic experience of visiting and staying in one of Mexico's most popular destinations. 

Main Attraction 

Located about one hour away from Mexico City, Tepoztlan's Tubohotel is in simplest term possible, the most blockbuster and affordable hotel that you will find anywhere in this part of the world. The whole idea is based on creatively using recycled concrete tubing for its luxurious rooms, a strategy that was founded by T3arc designers so as not to sacrifice the area's spectacular sights and views.

At first hearing, the idea of sleeping in a concrete tube may not sound interesting, but the architect firm put in a profound work to make sleeping inside these affordable and extremely luxurious tubes not only comfortable, but also an ultimate holiday experience. 

Architectural Design 

Reminiscent of the Aztec pyramid of El Tepozteco, which incredibly overlooks the town where Tubohotel is located; these distinctive tube rooms are stacked in the same pyramid shape in this idyllic village, south of Mexico City. This whole concept of tube hotels was originally borrowed from Andreas Strauss, a German architect famously known for creating Dasparkhotel in Austria in 2006. T3arc designers drew inspiration from Strauss and expanded on the idea in a magnificent way. 


As a guest at the Tubohotel, you get the chance of enjoying a queen bed, under-bed storage, a working fan and a desk light. There is the availability of two well-maintained bathroom houses with private showers, toilets and hot water. Again on the outside, guests are able to enjoy a luxurious swimming pool, as well as free wireless internet. All these amazing amenities are surrounded by a peaceful orchard, set up picnic tables, perfect grills for BBQ experience, a bar and a restaurant full of Mexican dishes. 

In enjoying the unique natural environment of this part of untouched Mexico, Tubohotel's concrete rooms add a touch of brilliant glass that allows you to enjoy the wonderful panoramic views of the local mountain range commonly known as Sierra del Tepozteco. For those immersed in history, Tepozteco is the birthplace of the legendary Quetzalcoatl, Mexico's ancient feathered serpent god. 


While purely targeting budget travelers, Tubohotel offers affordable accommodation at about 500 pesos, which translates to around $43 USD per night. The quirkiness of Tubohotel is perfectly fit for Tepoztlan, an absolutely wonderful, but little known town in the state of Morelos. Apart from its incredible mountain range and Aztec Pyramids, the town is famous for its New Age vibe, exotic Mexican ice cream flavors, art scenes, as well as other amazing sightings. 

For those thinking of traveling to Mexico, you cannot think further than Tubohotel, especially if you are traveling on a budget and still wants to enjoy profound uniqueness and luxury. The Eco-friendly rooms are not only intriguing, but by way too far an inimitable way of exploring and experiencing the rural and marvelous part of untouched Mexico.

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