PROFESSIONAL/ Micro Hotels: Space-saving Innovators

Small rooms with remarkable design amaze hotel guests all around the world. Come to Japan, USA, Netherlands – the popularity of micro hotels is simply booming. Discover their amenities and peculiarities. 


Micro Hotels Are on the Rise in the U.S. hospitality

Micro Hotels Are on the Rise in the U.S.

Tomas Haupt

Costs of hotel space in the United States has been rising rapidly. On the other hand, people have been showing a strong desire for budget housing options. This has transformed the entire United States hotel market. These days, there’s a growing and significant market for hotels combining the luxuries of a good hotel with compact size. It’s worth mentioning that a micro hotel features small guest rooms with customized layouts and detailed finishes, which maximize the function and purpose of the s...
The Best Micro Hotels to Look Out For hospitality

The Best Micro Hotels to Look Out For

Richard Moor

The concept of the micro hotel has gained a lot of appreciation in recent times all around the world. The personalized attention and the breathtakingly beautiful designs bring a whole new dimension of pleasure to your standard hotel experience. It takes the boutique hotel ambience up a notch while maintaining attention to detail and privacy on the top of the priority list. Here are three highly popular options in this specific category of hotels.  The Oyster Inn (New Zealand) The Oyster is a...
Experience the Japanese Capsule Hotel hospitality

Experience the Japanese Capsule Hotel

Tomas Haupt

Japan offers an array of options ranging from budget-priced lodging and traditional inns to fancy hotels and capsule hotels to the visitors, the latter being one of the most interesting options for any weary traveler. The first of the capsule hotels, “Capsule Hotel Osaka”, came into existence in the bustling Umeda district of Osaka city in the year 1979. Designed by architect Kisho Kurokawa, it appeared as though it was an extension of Nakagin Capsule Tower, the office and residential tower i...
Tubohotel: Staying in Unique and Luxurious Concrete Tubes hospitality

Tubohotel: Staying in Unique and Luxurious Concrete Tubes

Vanderlei J. Pollack

It is notable that 'luxurious' and 'drainage pipes' are words that are rarely used in the same sentence; but in this case, its uniqueness ideally suits the situation. Who would have thought that concrete tubing, like the ones used in drainage pipes, could be actually structured to look so inviting? That is exactly what Tubohotel is doing as one of the best minimalist hotels not only in Mexico, but also in the entire world just to give travelers an epic experience of visiting and staying in one o...