Top 3 Micro Hotels around the World

Richard Moor - Oct 01, 2015
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The concept of the micro hotel has gained a lot of appreciation in recent times all around the world. The personalized attention and the breathtakingly beautiful designs bring a whole new dimension of pleasure to your standard hotel experience. It takes the boutique hotel ambience up a notch while maintaining attention to detail and privacy on the top of the priority list. Here are three highly popular options in this specific category of hotels. 

The Oyster Inn (New Zealand)

The Oyster is a charming combination of luxury boutique accommodation and an amazingly unique dining experience. Located in the center of Waiheke Island in Oneroa village, this micro hotel can be accessed through a 35-minute ferry trip from downtown Auckland. It truly is something to be experienced.

The verandah of the hotel provides a great view of the ocean. You can choose to dine here or in the exquisite dining hall. The food is almost dream-like and you have a specially designed cuisine that maintains international standards while staying heavily inspired from the traditional coastal recipes. You could also just walk in for a refreshing cocktail or enjoy some of the fine wines in the bar.

What's best about the Oyster Inn is that you decide everything. You're not restricted to any specific timing for anything. You can check in at any time and the kitchen is open all day, so you don't have to worry about missing your lunch. The Oyster Inn provides you with a very relaxed ambience, which is exactly what you need to sink your stress. 

Milan' 3 Rooms (Italy)

Inspired by and an extension of Carla Sozzani's 10 Corso Como Emporium, this micro hotel provides a feast for the fashion crazy, uber chic crowd. In concept, it is a live magazine with the gallery and a book store forming the core component. It has an exquisite range of collectibles in fashion, design, beauty, apart from an amazing collection of books.

Milan's 3 Rooms hits you with a homely ambience that gets you relaxed and comfortable almost as soon as you step in. If you have a deep interest in the arts and are blown away by inspired creativity in just about any realm, Milan's 3 Rooms Hotel will tug at your heartstrings. 

NDSM Crane Amsterdam (Netherlands)

If there is one hotel that excites by location alone, it is the NDSM Crane in Amsterdam. Set in the middle of a huge shipping crane in an old shipyard, the site has been brilliantly restructured and renovated, ensuring the visitor has no clue of its original industrial history. All three suites are unique in their design.

You have a sky-high Jacuzzi and two scenic lifts that let you sink into oblivion and just take in the beautiful sights. If you're looking for that punch of adrenaline, you can try the Bungee rope jump as well. The Crane has been nominated for several European Hospitality awards and provides a relaxed ambience to its visitors. 

These are three of the most exquisite micro hotels today. The concept works beautifully for people who are looking for that warm cozy homely ambience without compromising on luxury and exquisite design.

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