The Popularity of Micro Hotels Is Going Up

Tomas Haupt - Oct 01, 2015
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Costs of hotel space in the United States has been rising rapidly. On the other hand, people have been showing a strong desire for budget housing options. This has transformed the entire United States hotel market. These days, there’s a growing and significant market for hotels combining the luxuries of a good hotel with compact size. It’s worth mentioning that a micro hotel features small guest rooms with customized layouts and detailed finishes, which maximize the function and purpose of the space. 

The US hotels have been following the design trends of the Japanese and European markets. Recently, it saw significant increase in the number of micro hotels in various urban regions. Initially, the focus was on boutique hotels and later it moved on to larger operators. According to experts, the trend is development-driven and design-driven. Focusing on the design allows keeping the operational cost down, while increasing occupancy within a particular structure. 

This concept has appealed to developers associated with ground-up hotels in major cities with high costs, such as New York. For almost the same cost, hotel chains are able to develop and sell more rooms within a compact space. This allows them to meet the growing demand for lower budget rooms. The clientele in the market is composed of business travelers and budget conscious clients. 

The user experience in micro hotels focuses on the same kind of high end finishes and quality standards that are expected in major hotel chain properties. It’s important to understand that rooms in micro hotels are more affordable than typical hotel rooms. They may be smaller, but add more comfort in common spaces outside the rooms. This influences the overall user experience. 

Though micro hotels are smaller, they offer the same kind of amenities as standard hotel rooms. These rooms contain queen-size beds, en-suite bathrooms, quality linens and more. Most hotels use frosted glass or some other element to separate the sleeping area from the bathroom. The typical entryway of the hotel room is also eliminated to save space. 

The furniture in micro hotels requires custom design. Every design element becomes multi-functional. Unlike large projects that offer flexibility, these hotels require caution. Every detail of the building and construction process needs to adhere to initial project plans. Otherwise, things won’t fit properly. Project managers take an extensive approach towards building and constructing micro hotels. 

It’s worth mentioning that most micro hotels also feature a bar or restaurant equipped with WiFi. The well designed and colorful common spaces attract visitors out of the hotel rooms into the cities. Public spaces are available in lobbies and invoke interest among guests to interact with other people.

The concept of micro hotels has been extremely popular in the United States. Over the next few years, it will take the US hotel market by storm. There are mutual benefits for major hotel chains and hotel developers. With micro hotels, even customers can benefit from a wide range of amenities and facilities at affordable prices. 

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