Geejam Hotel Attracts World Musicians

Theodore Slate - Mar 30, 2015
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The Geejam Hotel sets itself apart from other resorts in Jamaica by managing to blend opposites but also by showcasing one of the most prevalent Jamaican cultural traits, the love for good music.

Situated on the north-eastern part of the island, in close proximity to Port Antonio, the San San property is comprised of only five cottages, all of them private and all equipped with the latest available technology, providing guests with some of the highest levels of comfort. Access to broadband Wi-fi comes without any additional cost while the rooms are fitted with iPod docks, AppleTV and 42 inch flat-screen monitors.

Upon their arrival, guests are given a mobile phone, allowing them to contact whomever they please, though it is most useful for seeking assistance from hotel staff. The Geejam Hotel places a great emphasis on music and thus, great quality sound. A cleverly hidden surround system makes its way through every room of the resort.

While the Geejam caters to all guests who seek the beauty of Jamaican beaches, its charm lies in the recording studio. Just as the entire resort, the studio benefits from high-tech equipment, serving artists for more than a decade. A team of professionals is there to assist musicians and bend notes to their liking.

Artists can also find a great creative space on the Geejam property, allowing them to write and compose while taking in the island's beautiful scenery. Among the many that recorded there, names like Bjork, Gorillaz and No Doubt stand out. The latter chose the Geejam as they produced their Rock Steady album, a collection that captured much of the Jamaican sound in its songs. No Doubt's lead singer, Gwen Stefani, even went on to mention the neighboring village of Drapers in her 2003 Grammy Awards speech.

The uniqueness of the small Jamaican resort is also given by the seamless blend of comfort and nature. Guests have access to six acres of property, which spans from the foothills of Blue Mountain and John Crow chains to the bright blue of the Caribbean shores. Close by, tourists can relax on a plethora of sandy beaches, all considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world. Activities like snorkeling and kayaking are also available.

The Geejam Hotel can be reached by car from the Kingston Airport. The drive isn't too long, but not short either, averaging at two hours. While the cuisine is focused on both Jamaican and international menus, it doesn't represent one of Geejam's strong points when compared with other luxury resorts. A driver is available for reaching neighboring beaches and Port Antonio, which is only 15 minutes away.

The Geejam only has one pool, which is built in the Sandwood Villa, and all guests can access it, as long as the villa is vacant at the time. Tourists can also keep in shape by using the gym, while the room itself is rather small. There's no reception area, with the only common space being the Bushbar, the resort's restaurant.

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