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When traveling – stay safe. No matter if it is a business trip or family holiday on the beach, travelers should always follow a number of tips and rules to prevent any complications. Travel insurance is a must.



What Kind of Travel Insurance to Choose

Michael Trout

Have you ever tried to go through the various travel insurance policies available on the international travel market? Actually, it is not a walk in the park to locate the one that fits you most. It is not easy to fathom the differences between the various types of policies that exist. For instance, does a cancellation plan come with medical benefits? What about if you leave your country only twice a year, do you need to consider taking an annual insurance plan in this case? Based on one’s des...

Top Apps for Safe Traveling

Samuel Dorsi

With continued changes and increases in new technologies, we presently have more tools than ever to ensure our safety on the road. One of the most important tools are the smartphones. With the touch of a few buttons, travelers around the world can communicate with their loved ones, check email and book dinner reservations at their favorite restaurant. However, were you aware that your smartphone can also be your life line when you are visiting another country? No person wants to contemplate ...

Annual Travel Insurance – Yes or No?

Nils Kraus

If you travel frequently, then annual travel insurance will prove to be a cheap and easy way to ensure that you are protected against accidents and sicknesses wherever you happen to be on this planet. Although annual travel insurance plan is easy and needs to be purchased just once in the year, do you know what it really takes to buy the best plan? Will your plan really account for all the things that can go wrong while you are on your holiday? In fact, when buying this kind of insurance you ...

Smart Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

Dan Rang

When it comes to traveling, safe is smart. Whether you are traveling for your job or for vacation, domestically or internationally, it is vital to protect yourself and your belongings. Safe travel practices should begin the very moment you leave, and continue until you arrive home again. The following travel safety guide has been put together to help keep you and your possessions safe on your next trip. 1) It is important to make sure that your luggage consists of a sturdy bag that has either...