Adventurous Jeep Tours – Perfect for Corporate Events

Nils Kraus - Mar 30, 2015
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Company team building meetings and activities have become stale over the years. Rented hotel conference rooms, company meeting areas, paintball fields and weekend retreats do not create the sense of excitement they once did for employees. Corporate team building and event planners are addressing this problem by offering new adventurous and exhilarating group events that bring the fun back to team bonding.

Jeep tours are invigorating and refreshing, bringing coworkers together in a variety of locations with a number of supplemental activities that foster trust, cooperation and relationship building, along with respect and blowing off a little steam. Sales teams can also take advantage of Jeep tours as an effective relationship-building tool for prospective and existing clients. Additionally, many companies have annual conferences and offer weekend outings and extracurricular events.

Almost all Jeep tours provide custom group tours with a plethora of activities and various locations to visit and discover. Many of the tours in the US are located in Arizona in and around Sedona. Visit the beautiful Sedona Vortexes, go on an archeological tour, go four-wheeling on extreme trails, see wildlife in action, and venture through mysterious ghost towns and abandoned mines. Horseback riding and wine tours are available too. Visit an old West saloon and have a sarsaparilla, learn how to rope, throw a tomahawk, shoot pistols, and more.

Choose the road less traveled. Have an off-road experience and see amazing vistas. Observing these sites in person is astonishing compared to the pictures you’ve seen online or in magazines. Get an adrenaline rush off-roading the obscure trails while bonding with your group. 

Group events are highly customizable and can include multiple types of engaging activities. The Jeep tour is only the beginning. Other excellent activities such as hiking, horseback riding, wine tours, cowboy serenades and outdoor cowboy cooking can be added to the event as well. Providing a custom Jeep tour event for your employees will foster a sense of camaraderie and build positive connections that will transfer back to the corporate environment. In addition, your employees will have great fun! 

During the Jeep tour, a tour guide will be present. She or he will drive the Jeep and provide information about the sites and the geology of the area. The Jeep tour company will provide gear in the event of foul weather, such as ponchos and blankets. The ride can get a little bumpy, but that’s half the fun. For safety concerns, the Jeeps have been designed and customized as specialized vehicles for personal safety and comfort. They are four-wheel drive and provide unequivocal performance in backcountry off-roading. ´

When a company wants to provide a unique and enjoyable team building experience for its employees, consider Jeep tours. This fresh and exciting approach to engaging coworkers with each other to cultivate trust, respect and cooperation couples with adventure, entertainment and surprise. Enjoyable for men and women alike, Jeep tours are safe, guided and educational. Group events can be customized for team building, and additional services can be added to your event to enhance your organization’s enjoyment. Your prospective and current clients will be thrilled with the experience too, and annual conference attendees will appreciate and enjoy the outing. Consider booking a group Jeep tour for your next team building event.

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