Malta Announced Plans of Developing Medical Tourism

Cecilia Garland - Mar 30, 2015
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In March the Maltese government announced plans to boost the local medical tourism. The goal is to raise over 200 million Euros for a massive upgrade of the Maltese healthcare system, which should remain free for the local residents.

Medical tourism is currently not a very important source of revenue for the state budget mainly due to the underfinanced hospitals and substandard services.

To achieve the goal the healthcare system teamed up with the Barts Medical School, which is one of the most advanced health centers around the globe. They will help the local healthcare system by creating a teaching facility and a research center in the Gozo region. The teaching facility will allow 300 students to be educated in the latest medical techniques and methodologies in the field.
With the money that comes from this venture the government seeks to establish the already planned 6 deliverables. These include the construction of a 450 bed brand new hospital in Gozo, a new health center in the region of Victoria, the reformulation of the Karin Grech Hospital to include rehabilitation and geriatric treatment centers, further enhancement in the development at Mater Dei Hospital, the construction of a new hospital within the St. Luke's Hospital complex, and a school for nurses at the St. Luke's Hospital complex.

The research center in the Gozo region, plus the teaching facility, coupled with the new nurse teaching in the St. Luke's Hospital complex are expected to increase the international interest of many new professionals from the field in the upcoming years. It is expected that about 1,200 high-quality professionals will be employed in the new complex of medical facilities.

It will be staffed with the most respectable, instructed and experienced medical professionals from all around the world. They'll receive high-quality wages, benefits and a bonus program.

The goal is to create an established environment where teachers are expected to stay throughout the whole course period of students. This way students' learning curve is expected to be maintained at high levels since the constant changes of teachers are expected to affect the student's learning ability.

This project also seeks to establish the medical system in Malta after the 2006 to the 2011 supply downfall of nurses and doctors. There was a shortage created in the market due to the lack of resources and funds to maintain the diverse medical operations in the country.

Now the Maltese government seems to have learned to create a specific improved medical health system in the country that will thrive for years to come. The major winners of all this operation will be the Maltese population that will have free access to high-quality medical services.

The repercussions of this project will be an enhancement not only in the country's health system, but also in the country's finances and in the quality of life of its citizens.


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