Larry Brain - Apr 25, 2021
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With a short flight time, unique venues with excellent infrastructure and over 300 days of sunshine a year, Malta offers perfect conditions for the MICE industry. In order to promote this sector and have more events held in Malta in 2021 and 2022, the Malta Tourism Authority is supporting the MICE sector with a total of four million euros.

The new program to support the MICE industry creates financial incentives for organizers of various events in Malta or Gozo with a grant of up to €150 (incl. VAT) per participant.

The aim of the program is to help the MICE industry in Malta and Gozo achieve a long-term and sustainable recovery in 2021 and 2022. The Malta Tourism Authority is therefore committed to providing strong support to the industry: organizers who can prove that they spend at least 800 euros (incl. VAT) per participant on the Maltese islands will receive a grant of 150 euros (incl. VAT) per foreign participant.

Organizers who spend at least €600 (incl. VAT) per invited person in Malta are entitled to a grant of €75 (incl. VAT) per head. These expenses may include costs for hotel accommodation, land transportation, meals, excursions, team building activities, event production and logistics and must be documented per participant. International flights or other means of travel to and from the Maltese Islands are excluded from the expenses.

Another project to boost tourism in Malta was recently announced by Malta’s Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo. The authorities will pay international travelers up to €200 ($240) if they stay more than two nights. Visitors who stay in a four-star hotel will receive €150 ($180), guests in a three-star will receive €100 ($120). And for those who make the journey to Gozo, the island next to Malta, they will receive 10% more.

Moreover, tourists coming to Malta for diving activities will be granted a €100 voucher. Organizers of sport events will also be gifted €100 for every foreign participant.

The deal has been put together to try to encourage people to visit the island, where 27% of its revenue comes from tourism. The initiative would be paid in part by the hotels and in part by the government. Malta plans to open on June 1 to anyone who can prove they have been fully vaccinated ten days before arrival.

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