DESTINATION/ Algeria – The Unpeopled Destination

The North African country of Algeria is perhaps not on the must-travel list of many holidaymakers. Despite a number of problems the tourism industry has a great potential worth exploring.



Explore Algeria's Historic, Cultural and Natural Attractions

Ashley Nault

Algeria, a majestic North African country is the second largest country on the African continent. Before the 90's , the country was a thriving tourism hub but all changed after the political upheaval of 1992. Henceforth, the country has been in unending struggle to revive its glory. Though things became better in early 2000, abduction cases were on the rise and thus independent tours to Algeria have been discouraged. Algeria is nonetheless a remarkable tourist destination with much to offer. ...

Unforgettable Algeria Tours: Experience History and Culture

Chris Grad

Tragically, even the most seasoned traveler often overlooks Algeria… with so many wonders begging to be explored, come and discover the world of the Roman Empire, wander through desert oasis towns, and experience unrivaled Algerian hospitality. For an authentic Algeria tour, travel with Mosaic North Africa. All the tours are accompanied by a full-time tour manager who specializes in taking care of travelers’ every need to maximize their enjoyment of this breathtaking country. Here is a list ...
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Algerian Tourism Industry Facing Serious Challenges

Chris Grad

The Algeria’s beleaguered tourism sector is in a kind of paradox situation. On one hand, we notice decline in tourist arrivals due to perceived risk of terrorist attacks, deficit in accommodation capacity, lack of knowledge in hospitality and restaurants, deficit in market, soviet-style bureaucratic visa requirements and lack of tourism infrastructure. On the other hand, we find a lucrative and attractive sector driven by ambitious tourism plans, government investments and foreign collaborations...

The Algerian Sahara – An Extraordinary Experience

Dan Rang

For a first-time visitor, the Sahara gives an out-of-the-world experience owing to its stunning beauty and diverse cultures. There is so much to explore in the Algerian Sahara – the towering sand dunes of the Grand Erg Occidental, the beautiful houses of Ghardaia, the unbelievable camel market of El Oued – and the list goes on and on. Tamanrasset and the Hoggar Tamanrasset, an oasis city, is the capital of the Hoggar mountain region of the Algerian Sahara. It is very close to the huge volcan...