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Tasmania abounds in a number of fascinating places. The region is rich in tourist attractions and the unique beauty gives travelers memorable holiday experiences. Discover the top destinations for visitors of Tasmania. Brought to you by Tourism Review.

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

MONA is one of the most popular places in Tasmania for art lovers. The art museum is situated within the Moorilla winery in Hobart. It is the largest privately funded museum in the country known for antiquities, modern and contemporary art from the David Walsh collection.

Port Arthur

This former convict settlement is one of Australia's most significant heritage areas and an open air museum. Guides will take you through extensive lawns around the site and give historical information related to the place. This shrine reminds the Australians of their ancestors. This is a national point of pride and many people come to see the great wonder.

Cradle Mountain Park

This is an amazing place to visit. The park provides many hiking trails; you can just enjoy walking around the Cradle Mountain since there are different scenic features to enjoy. The rugged beautiful mountain provides visitors with great attractions. It is good to use a boat to look around the mountain and enjoy the beautiful beaches. The beaches are still new and they have not been walked on for long. Besides the Cradle Mountain major sights include Barn Bluff, Mount Pelion East, Mount Pelion West, Mount Oakleigh, Mount Ossa, and Lake St Clair.

Freycinet Peninsula

Home to Freycinet National Park this is a large peninsula in eastern Tasmania. Also on the peninsula is the small village of Coles Bay, Wineglass Bay, Honeymoon Bay and the Friendly Beaches Reserve.The bay formed by the arc makes it a suitable ground for swimmers and kayaks.

Gordon River

You can enjoy a cruise down this river to Macquarie Harbor. The entire course of the Gordon River is an uninhabited wilderness area. Down the river is an amazing landscape that is very attractive. The beauty of nature gives the land an impressive look and visitors really enjoy the cruise. The rainforest keeps your eyes on the vegetation alongside the river as you cruise. Since weather keeps on changing, it is good to carry some warm clothes in case it becomes rainy and cold.

Tahune Forest

The forest is rich in different vegetation, which is appealing to the eye. To make the forest passable, the government has created a pathway through the thick vegetation for visitors to enjoy. If you are walking here, you should not stop until you reach the cantilever, which is the highest point with the best view of what is in the forest.

Mount Wellington

Mt Wellington (1,271 m, 4,170 ft) is an ideal place to stand to have a panoramic view of the island. Much of the city of Hobart is built on the foothills of the mountain. It is frequently snow covered, sometimes even in summer and the lower slopes are thickly forested, but criss-crossed by many walking tracks and a few fire trails. You can go up the mountain and enjoy amazing features of the land when you are on top. From Hobart, the most interesting feature of Mount Wellington is the cliff of dolerite columns – the Organ Pipes. It has spectacular views and is one of Hobart's biggest tourist destinations.

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