Great Himalaya Trail: For Adventurous Hikers

James Morris - Jun 25, 2012
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The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) of the Greater Himalayan range spans over 4500 kilometers from Pakistan's Nanga Parbat to Tibet's Namche Barwa and passes through several nations (aside from Pakistan and Tibet) namely India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Amateur and professional hikers will witness the beauty of majestic mountains and mysterious valleys on this unique hiking trail in an ever changing landscape that is affected by growing population and climate change.

This vast walking track is a popular destination for various people around the world because it features a stunning panorama of high peaks, emerald valleys, scorched elevated plateaus and isolated villages. One may also encounter irreplaceable wildlife from snow leopards to Red Pandas. Clearly, taking a brave stroll on the Great Himalaya Trail will be an exclusive occurrence in a person's life.

A hiking trail like no other, it showcases a large variety of ecosystems like nowhere else in the world. Rhododendron forests are plentiful as well as thick bamboo groves near rivers thriving well thanks to the monsoon rains. Alpine hills and broad-leaf woodland offer a refreshing sight for trekkers. In this amazing Great Himalaya Trail jungle, the mysterious and elusive Yeti roams and wild animals like the snow leopard hunting for Bharal or Blue Sheep prey in wide open alpine meadows, the Himalayan Black Bear that comes out of the blue from dense vegetation and maybe the Takin, Bhutan's National animal, residing in isolated forests. There are also interesting domesticated beasts along the way like the Yak, buffaloes, sheep and goats which are cared for by the local tribes in Nepal and Bhutan.

Hiking is a wonderful outdoor activity for adventurous souls as well as individuals who want to try a daring and new experience in their lifetime and nothing beats taking on the challenge of a hiking trail like the Great Himalaya Trail. Being one of the highest and longest hiking trails in the globe, it has 10 sections encompassing a system of high and low paths. These alluring sections are "The Far West" which has vast areas yet to be discovered, the "Hidden Himalaya" known as Humla which is the entryway to Mt. Kailash, and Rara, Jumla and Mugu that follow very old trading routes. Dolpa on the other hand was popularized in the movie Himalaya, the well-liked Annapurna and Mustang peaks and Ganesh Himal and Manaslu that feature various trekking alternatives. In Kathmandu, hikers can choose the Langtang and Helambu section; mountaineers usually opt for Everest and Rolwaling, Makalu Barun to see the rhododendron forests and finally, Kanchenjunga, the "Five Great Treasure Houses of Snow."

The history of the Great Himalaya Trail is relatively new, although there are certain significant accounts included in its brief history, it can still be considered unfinished as there might have been more trekkers that have walked the face of the GHT yet were not able to document it.

There are still many unexplored areas in the Great Himalaya Trail which is why mountaineers, outdoor enthusiasts and scientists alike are continuously discovering more regions. The difficulty of the hiking trail differs by section and any healthy and fit person with the willingness to seize the day will accomplish this magnificent feat. People who want to feel adrenalin rush in the beautiful Great Himalaya Trail are free to do so and prepare because adventure waits.

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