ADVENTURE/ Trekking Trails for Adrenalin Junkies

Hikers, nature lovers or wildlife enthusiasts love walking around different type of regions. Discover the mountainous Via Alpina trail or the diverse Tour du Mont Blanc. Head to the U.S. and try the local trails – you will experience something remarkable


Via Alpina: An Alpine Buffet of Epic Proportions

Richard Moor

Hikers heading to the Alps can now experience a new trails system stretching across eight countries. The Via Alpina offers tranquil lakes as well as majestic mountains. Have you always wanted to do more than just view the Alps? Ready to experience them? Now there’s a new way to discover this legendary region. Five hiking trails christened the Via Alpina stretch more than 5000 kilometers across eight countries from Trieste, Italy to Monte Carlo. Envision some of the world’s most famous trails ...

Adrenaline Lovers' Trail – Great Himalaya Trail

James Morris

The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) of the Greater Himalayan range spans over 4500 kilometers from Pakistan's Nanga Parbat to Tibet's Namche Barwa and passes through several nations (aside from Pakistan and Tibet) namely India, Nepal and Bhutan. Amateur and professional hikers will witness the beauty of majestic mountains and mysterious valleys on this unique hiking trail in an ever changing landscape that is affected by growing population and climate change. This vast walking track is a popular ...

Hiking in Style: Tour du Mont Blanc

Gregory Dolgos

Tour du Mont Blanc is undoubtedly one of the best known long distance hikes in Europe and the world as a whole. Comprising of century-old hunting and trading routes, this extensive hiking trail circles gracefully trough the outstanding Mont Blanc Massif, the highest peak in Western Europe. It covers an approximate distance of 180 km, winding beautifully through Alpine meadows, over superb barren passes, into tiny hamlets and under gigantic glaciers. Tour du Mont Blanc passes through three big...

Hiking in the U.S. – Stunning Wilderness and Dangerous Canyons

Gregory Dolgos

For many travelers United States of America are only a place where you find the Big Apple, Disney World and a lot of cities dotted around the country filled with fast food chains. Among the nature lovers however America is well known for beautiful wilderness and diverse wildlife – simply a hikers’ paradise. Explore the top hiking trails around the U.S. The Appalachian Trail This is a spectacular trail, which starts in Georgia and goes all the way to Maine. You will be crossing a couple of E...