USA: Hiking Trails for Nature Lovers

Gregory Dolgos - Jun 25, 2012
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For many travelers United States of America are only a place where you find the Big Apple, Disney World and a lot of cities dotted around the country filled with fast food chains. Among the nature lovers however America is well known for beautiful wilderness and diverse wildlife – simply a hikers’ paradise. Explore the top hiking trails around the U.S.

The Appalachian Trail

This is a spectacular trail, which starts in Georgia and goes all the way to Maine. You will be crossing a couple of Eastern States on your way, passing a lot of wilderness. The American black bear can be found in these parts of the woods, but they seldom go for people and sightings have become rare. One thing to watch out for are rattlesnakes, but snakes don't suddenly attack. You will probably also come across the odd deer or elk in your path. Massachusetts is an area where moose tend to roam freely. The trail is by no means one of easier climbs. It goes through a lot of alpine conditions, which you will need some strength to get through.

Pacific Crest Trail

Known as the PCT, hikers will tell you that this is the longest one in North America – a mere 700 miles, with a lot of hiking in Southern California's desert valley. If you are attempting to do this trail, not only you have to be fit, but you have to be prepared for some hot weather. It starts on the boarder of Mexico, climbing through pines into the Laguna mountains. Next, you will approach the Anza-Borrego desert state park. You will pass a range of hills before meeting up with the Cleveland National Forest and climbing the San Jacinto Mountains. You will then come down the San Gorgonio Pass and onwards towards Big Bear Lake. More challenges lie in front of you, such as the San Gabriel Mountains and the Tehachapi Mountains. Walker pass will be your final destination.

Teton Crest Trail

This hike has been rated as one of the best in terms of wildlife and views, with the high altitude that it takes you to. Some say this offers the best view of the Rockies. Wildlife that you may spot includes grizzlies, black bear, wolves and coyote and even mountain lions. The 50 km route can take you up to 5 days, although there is a shorter alternative route. It is recommended that you hike this trail between the months of July and September.

Zion Narrow, Utah

This trail involves more than just walking up a path. You will be hiking up streams, through narrow canyons. The landscape is striking with sandstone walls that just keep on rising. Hiking through the water takes up about 60% of the hike. The hanging gardens are another spectacular site where bits of moss grow through cracks in the narrow canyons. Before you embark on this venture make sure you check the weather report because it can be extremely dangerous when heavy rains begin to fall and fill the canyons.

Glacier Gorge

Whatever season you decide to do this trail, you will find that it to be a fantastic experience every time. In the summer, you will be able to breathe in some fresh air and take your fishing rod with you. In the fall you can really appreciate the beautiful colors of the yellow and red vegetation. Start at Mills Lake and work your way up to Black Lake which can get a little steep at times. Be prepared for some bad weather to crop up on you because this is usually what happens in the Rocky Mountains National Park. Despite the weather, you can look forward to beautiful views of the lakes.

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