Tourism Review Online Magazine 7 / 2012

Jun 25, 2012

Dear readers

Tourism Review Online Magazine, the July – August issue, is pleased to present a number of stunning places around the world. Start with the Destination part and discover the spirit of Cambodia – a country well known for a number of temples as well as remarkable wildlife. Adrenaline lovers should open the Adventure supplement introducing some of the most interesting hiking trails around the world. Mountain railways of India, Romania or even Peru are the topic of the Transport part.

Leisure tourists on the other hand should go for the Professional supplement discussing the growing popularity of catamaran tours. History enthusiasts will love the Heritage part. Learn about several fascinating WWII memorials and battlefields. Enjoy the summer!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ History Alive: WWII Memorials and Battlefields

Wayne M. Gore

- Jun 25, 2012

WWII struck the world leaving behind only destruction and sorrow. Explore the places commemorating important events of the war as well as the brave soldiers – in Europe, Asia as well as USA.

ADVENTURE/ Trekking Trails for Adrenalin Junkies

Samuel Dorsi

- Jun 25, 2012

Hikers, nature lovers or wildlife enthusiasts love walking around different type of regions. Discover the mountainous Via Alpina trail or the diverse Tour du Mont Blanc. Head to the U.S. and try the local trails – you will experience something remarkable

DESTINATION/ Cambodia – The Rising Star?

Daniel A. Tanner

- Jun 25, 2012

Home to the UNESCO site and largest temple in the world, Angkor Wat, Cambodia attracts a growing number of visitors every year. The country in many ways typifies the character, charm and flavors of Southeast Asia.