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Wayne M. Gore - Jun 25, 2012
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The sound of the sea, the tempting breeze, can take anyone to a new high and compel them to embrace the sea. Catamaran tours means an experience drenched with unlimited fun and pulsating exotic beauty.

People who want to go on such tours for the first time can expect the very best and they will relish the memory of such a tour for ever. These lavish boat-rides give the ultimate joy of sea trips. In this journey one can feel how close he is to the enigmatic beautiful sea and the beckoning of the blue waves. The colorful sea animals fill a person's heart with such enormous joy that they simply feel out of the world.

These rides are most popular in all the sea based tourism spots such as Irish Sea, Barbados, The Caribbean etc. There are many travel agencies that organize such tours and they naturally charge different prices based on several factors. Long catamaran tours will be more expensive than short ones. Similarly tour on an extravagant catamaran will require more money than on simple ones. If a person wants to enjoy such a tour he should first consider the price and the facilities available.

Most catamaran tours are loaded with exquisite hospitality amenities. On such a tour a person can take the fullest joy of several sea activities such as snorkeling, deep sea diving, scuba diving, shelling and many other water sports. These boats run at different times of a day like a sunrise tour boat, turtle tour boat and sunset tour boat. Swimming with the turtles, touching and playing with them is something that can't be explained in words, it can only be experienced. The thrust of the salty water casts one away into the carnival of ecstasy.

Deep sea diving is the best in the lot. For deep sea diving the agencies provide a professional trainer who will be there as a guide for the safety of the people. Once a person gets deeper and deeper into the turquoise water he can sense how amazing, chromatic this planet is and he will be baffled with the creation of such strikingly beautiful species. For those who are quite the daredevil, they can have the adventure of their life by swimming alongside the small sharks and touching them. The imposing view of jumping dolphins and flying fishes makes such catamaran tours worth remembering.

In most catamaran tours the people are assisted by a guide who demonstrates every site in detail and helps them to get the complete knowledge of the place. One can enjoy the charisma of the sunrise or the romantic sunset while floating on the sea water in a catamaran. The vision of sun coming out of the water and hiding safely under the horizon gives a bewitching feeling.

In some catamaran tours the boats stop at popular beaches during the ride, so that people can spend some quality time and relish its natural appeal. When the catamaran stops near such a beach a person can collect colorful sea shells as a reminder of the tour, he can see star fishes, mussels, anemones etc. One can do snorkeling over the reefs and get stunning sights of corals.

This cruising is sometimes assisted with savory delicacies. The food has often lots of fish items in the menus, the fresh sea food can be appreciated most with the pleasing breeze of the sea. The buffet restaurant services also serve barbeque items and mainly light but tasty dishes such as salads, roasted chicken, brown rice, sushi and more.

People who want to board these catamarans for the very first time should follow some tips like; they should remember to put on lots of sunscreen as they will be under the sun for a long time. They should check whether the boat has adequate shades where they can rest. It is best to board those boats which accommodate a maximum of 10 people otherwise a person may feel one among many and may not be able to relish the view properly.

A person should also check the bathroom facilities. Some agencies don't provide swimming or diving equipments so such matters should be discussed in advance. When a person goes for such a tour he should bring his own towel, swim wear, snorkel gears and other necessary things.

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