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Catamaran tours are growing in popularity all around the world. Discover the unique atmosphere, delicious cuisine and exceptional experience.


Catamaran Tours – First Timers’ Guide

Wayne M. Gore

The sound of the sea, the tempting breeze, can take anyone to a new high and compel them to embrace the sea. Catamaran tours means an experience drenched with unlimited fun and pulsating exotic beauty. People who want to go on such tours for the first time can expect the very best and they will relish the memory of such a tour for ever. These lavish boat-rides give the ultimate joy of sea trips. In this journey one can feel how close he is to the enigmatic beautiful sea and the beckoning of t...

Enjoying Sea and Sand in Varadero: A Catamaran Seafari

Richard Moor

Through the years while visiting Cuba's resort spot Varadero, I have participated in its, many land and sea activities, but I had never taken a catamaran sea tour. However, today, this was to be remedied. I was on my way to join a catamaran safari – one of Varadero's top tourist offerings. Everything in Varadero, a town of some 8,000 inhabitants, is geared toward foreign visitors. A spread-out town edged by 22 km (13.5 mi) of sugary- white sand, it is a special pampered tourist resort &...

Catamaran Tours Growing in Popularity

Richard Moor

Holidays on catamaran are ideal for families as well as couples or friends who have passion for sailing. When life becomes too busy, tiresome, and boring, catamaran tours are perfect to bring back one's lost vigor and enthusiasm. Catamaran tours make use of a type of boat called the catamaran. A catamaran is a boat or ship that is multihulled. It consists of two vakas or hulls which are held together by the basic frame that is made of akas. Catamarans have been recently introduced as designs ...

Top Catamaran Tours around the World

Cecilia Garland

It is rather needless to mention that catamaran tours are the first preference of the adventure loving tourists, who wish to get more out of their tours. Each catamaran tour is thus carefully designed to suit the preferences of a particular class of tourist. Besides the regular sightseeing experiences and itinerary, these catamaran tours have certain extended scopes of entertainment, which make each of them stand apart. The catamaran tours that are being projected here also have great offers for...