Catamaran Tours Attract Adventurers and Families Alike

Richard Moor - Jun 25, 2012
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Holidays on catamaran are ideal for families as well as couples or friends who have passion for sailing. When life becomes too busy, tiresome, and boring, catamaran tours are perfect to bring back one's lost vigor and enthusiasm.

Catamaran tours make use of a type of boat called the catamaran. A catamaran is a boat or ship that is multihulled. It consists of two vakas or hulls which are held together by the basic frame that is made of akas. Catamarans have been recently introduced as designs for the boats that are used for leisure and sports.

Western sailors are skeptical about the design of a catamaran since it is quite different from the traditional monohull designs. The traditional boats derive a balance based on weight distribution while a catamaran gets its own balance based on geometry. Fast ferries, nowadays, consider the catamaran design as the best one because of its valuable features such as large capacity, stability, and speed.

Catamarans come in smaller and larger sizes, each with unique characteristics. The smaller catamarans for recreational purposes are specifically created for launching from a beach. Without heeling, they rest on their keels unlike the monohulls. Their rudders are protected when they run aground.

The larger ones are perfect for cruising and traveling long distances. One large catamaran joined a race around the world in 2001. It traveled at eighteen knots as its average speed circling the earth in 62 days.

Catamaran "kits" are gaining popularity in the present times. Materials such as the paper-honeycomb or balsa cores, the foam and fabrics, and the woven fiberglass are the most popular materials for building panels. For construction purposes, professionals and amateurs can easily cut the panels to the desired shapes and parts.

Catamaran tours are most often preferred over yachting or cruising because of the space and accommodations they offer to their guests. Larger catamarans usually provide more convenience and comfort because they are less crowded and suites are available to their guests' pleasure. Catamarans usually have large decks where guests can get a view of the seas and the lovely places as they travel.

Several places around the world can be visited through the catamaran tours. There are tours of this kind in Barbados, Hawaii, Greece, the Caribbean Islands, the Galapagos Islands, Bermuda, Koh Samui and the islands of Koh Som in Thailand. Other places where there are catamaran tours available are Tahiti Polynesia, the Napali Coast, Isla Mujeres, St. Lucia Island, Mauritius, Turkey, California and many more. There is a long list of beautiful paradise islands, tourist spots, and breath-taking seas which can be visited through the catamaran tours.

Most catamaran tours offer equipment for many exciting activities. Jackets, masks, and snorkeling equipment are provided by a number of travel tours or agencies for their guests' comfort. On board, there is sweet music, beverages, and delicious meals for everyone's 'enjoyment. Tourists will love to see the beautiful scenery and sometimes, old shipwrecks.

The experience of swimming with friendly sea creatures such as the turtles creates a certain kind of bond between humans and animals. A simple lounging on the beach is one moment of relaxation and peace that can be provided by these boat tours.

If you are one of the many people who look for an active adventure, try to indulge in one of the catamaran tours offered today. There is a promise of creating the most memorable experience of your life when you join in any of these catamaran tours.

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