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Cecilia Garland - Jun 25, 2012
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It is rather needless to mention that catamaran tours are the first preference of the adventure loving tourists, who wish to get more out of their tours. Each catamaran tour is thus carefully designed to suit the preferences of a particular class of tourist. Besides the regular sightseeing experiences and itinerary, these catamaran tours have certain extended scopes of entertainment, which make each of them stand apart. The catamaran tours that are being projected here also have great offers for their clientele, which will certainly make a pleasure tour the most memorable one for them.

Ecocat Catamaran Tour, Mexico

The best thing about this catamaran is that it is a tourist friendly makeover of a multimillion dollar yacht that operates in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Thus, it is needless to convey that the tourists will get the most royal treatment as they plan a tour in this biggest vessel of the world.

Hundreds of satisfied tourists comment that the food offered in Ecocat is fabulous. Special mention needs to be made of the on-board BBQ, which makes open air get together a pleasure on Ecocat catamaran.

It is one of the choicest options for the adventure loving population as besides the spectacular sightseeing it incorporates amusement options, such as snorkeling and kayak tour as well in the Santa Maria bay. The clean bathrooms, plenty of seating arrangements and a well equipped bar on-board guarantee total satisfaction to the tourists.

Whale Watching Cruise Catamaran Tour, California

This catamaran tour commences from the PIER 39 B Dock of San Francisco. This is a five-six hours tour that travels to Farallon Islands. The excitement of this tour is in the way it harnesses the beauty of the ocean optimally. The tour is meant for the nature lovers, who appreciate the serenity of coastal ambiance. It provides the never before opportunity to watch whales and amazing oceanic wildlife.

Hannibal Catamaran Tour, Cayman Islands

This plush 50 ft x 27 ft catamaran takes the tourists to a rustic tour of the Stingray City, where nature is at its best. Together with the expedition to the Stingray City, Hannibal expedition also offers snorkeling opportunities at some of the finest sites of its destination point. The on-board sandbars literally allow visitors to stand on the water and enjoy face to face contact with the friendly stingrays.

Tourist will also be taken to the breathtaking Coral Gardens on their return trip with live exhibits like eels, rays, tropical fishes and turtles. But, the best thing about this catamaran ride is that the tourists do not have to compromise on any of the urban amenities that form a part of their regular life. So, this half day catamaran tour comprises of magnificent sundeck for natural tanning and shaded zone with fabulous food for close get-togethers. This catamaran is necessarily for adventure and nature loving tourists who are quite used to the luxuries of city life.

Alii Kai Catamaran Dinner Cruise Tour, Hawaii

This Polynesian catamaran has exciting offers for its tourists. While the enigmatic view of the magnificent coastline during the sunset will give the tourists a heavenly experience, the casual buffet dinner coupled with live music and dance will add spark to the evening hours. The Polynesian dinner show is a great attraction of this catamaran, which commences during the evening and exhibits locally grown fresh dishes. Serving the gastronomic interest of the tourists is given equal priority in ALII Kai Catamaran. So, with prior order and reservation various meal options such as vegetarian, non vegetarian and gluten free dishes are served. Seating arrangements can also be booked beforehand, which is reciprocated back by means of complementary cocktail and special lei greetings.

Jolly Roger Catamaran Tour, Honduras' Bay Islands

The highlight of this catamaran tour is that it takes the tourists on a pleasure ride to the Island of Roatan along with showing some of the best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. The guests are served with light snacks and water prior to snorkeling. Snorkeling supervisor is also appointed in this catamaran for additional security of the tourists. It renders a photogenic appeal of the island from the vessel, which is spectacular and soothing.

Lunch that is served to the tourists is generally the indigenous Caribbean cuisine, comprising of preparations of beans, barbeque chicken and rice with ample of wine, soft drinks and fruit juices at the open bar. Sailing, snorkeling and partying are part of the tour heading to the Nature Park and Beach and Gumbalimba Tropical Park and Beach. It is the best catamaran tour for the fun and thrill loving tourists with special interest in snorkeling.

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