DESTINATION/ Cambodia – The Rising Star?

Home to the UNESCO site and largest temple in the world, Angkor Wat, Cambodia attracts a growing number of visitors every year. The country in many ways typifies the character, charm and flavors of Southeast Asia.


Cambodia Reaching New Heights

Andrew J. Wein

As much of the world struggles to post growth, Cambodia’s tourism and hospitality sector continued to expand and diversify, attracting more intra-regional activity and especially from major emerging markets in Asia, MICE segments, as well as traditional leisure clientele. Like neighboring countries Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Laos, Cambodia has quickly emerged into a well sought-after tourist destination, possessing exceptional assets and unparalleled opportunities. From its World Herita...

Rich Culture and Long History: The Landmarks of Cambodia

Justin N. Froyd

Cambodia is nowadays quite a famous tourist destination primarily because of its historical temples and many other important and fascinating places. Siem Reap This city is in northwestern Cambodia, and is also called the gateway to the Angkor Wat region. It is a famous tourist destination with a number of places of interest in and around the city. The infrastructure and economy of the city is developing quite rapidly due to the increase in the number of tourists. The meaning of the name Si...

Cambodia: Emerging MICE Tourism Market

William Law

Cambodia is still new to MICE tourism but it does seem to be heading in the right direction. As a developing nation it has a long way to go before it can be a top MICE destination however recent changes suggest positive outlook of the industry. MICE tourism is highly affected by other types of tourism. Having good conference facilities without any other tourist attractions would not make a country a top MICE destination. Although the venues may be the main “attraction” for the event attendees...

Cambodia – Stunning Nature and Wildlife

Richard Moor

Nature is in abundance in the kingdom of Cambodia. The country being located in Southeast Asia enjoys tropical wet and dry climate. With 435 km long coastline, Cambodia is positioned amidst the Indo-China peninsula sharing its north and west borders with Thailand, east with Vietnam, again north with Laos and west with Gulf of Thailand. The geography comprising of plain lands, mountains, highlands, rivers, and lakes has made Cambodia rich in natural surroundings making it popular habitat for s...