Best Surf Schools around the World

Daniel A. Tanner - Oct 28, 2013

If you want to surf then you can make it much easier for yourself if you get the help of a professional, as they will give you the skills needed to ride the waves. There are surf schools all over the world and each has different levels and accreditation. Make sure that you do your research so that you get the right surf school that is knowledgeable in both water safety and technique.

The Pro Surf School in Bali

This Surf School has been voted the best one in Bali for three years by Magic Wave Surf Community Magazine. This school will give you the best instruction whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. The school also provides trips around Bali so that you get a real feel for surfing. You can find it at Half Way Kuta Beach. When you sign up for beginner lessons, then they guarantee to get you up on the surf board the first time or the next lesson is for free. They also provide a surf school for a complete week to the first 20 participants so you get a real feel of what being in a small community is all about.

The Safari Surf School in Costa Rica

This is the one and only school that has been included in National Geographic. The Safari Surf School has a score of 96.7 for client experiences and was started by two guys from Hawaii. A typical day will include getting up to howler monkeys along with the freshly brewed smell of rich coffee. They also cater for women only adventures along with therapy and surf fitness.

Learn to Surf Noosa in Australia

This Surf School is at Noosa Heads, Queensland. The former World Pro-Am Surfing Champion, Merrick Davis supplies you with everything you need so you can stand up and surf the waves like a pro from day one. Noosa happens to be one of the best four locations for longboard waves, making it the ideal location to learn. The beautiful warm waters of Australia make it a pleasure to visit.

The Baleal Surf Camp in Peniche, Portugal

The Baleal Surf Camp happens to be a friendly family-run surf camp in Portugal. This area is well known for both beginners and pro surfers and gives you a wide range of waves. This place offers a wide variety of waves to surf on. It is the home to over 80 surfboards, so you can test a wide range of styles to find the one that is perfect for you.

The Giant's Foot Surf Camp in Nicaragua

This is an all-inclusive surf school that features homemade meals with unlimited beverages. Giant's Foot surf camp is in Playa Gigante, Southern Nicaragua, and is the best place in the world where there is almost year round off shore winds to give you consistently great waves 9 months of the year. If you want to surf and enjoy home comforts then this is the place to do it!

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  1. Thanks for this great article. I just moved to California from Utah and I am dying to know how to surf. My brothers surfed when I was growing up but I never got to join them. I really want to learn!

    Ruth James (USA)

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