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Discover the best surf spots around the world – some of them are less known, some are hard to reach, but all of them are worth it.


World’s Best Off-the-beaten-path Surf Sites sport

World’s Best Off-the-beaten-path Surf Sites

Richard Moor

When people think of surfing locations, their minds will mostly drift to popular destinations like Hawaii, California and Australia. Though these are perfect, they would not be ideal for those who want the entire fun to themselves and away from crowds. Below is a list of ten highest rated off-the-beaten-path surf spots in the world. Fuerteventura, Spain Aspects like the subtropical climate, constant wind and availability of warm waters all year round make Fuerteventura an incredible surfing...
Surf the Best Waves in Indonesia sport

Surf the Best Waves in Indonesia

Nils Kraus

For most surfers, nothing is more thrilling than surfing the great big water waves, and this thrill can be something like an addiction, only that it is not a harmful addiction. This thrill will see a surfer traveling the seas in search of what is to him/her a gift of nature, a nice, big wave, and you will find plenty of these in Indonesia. Okay, so Indonesia is great for surfing, but where are the perfect spots? Java If you are the kind of surfer who likes going all the way, you will love th...
Seven Secret Surf Locations around the World sport

Seven Secret Surf Locations around the World

Nils Kraus

Looking to find the best waves to ride? Here are the seven surf locations that are not tracked by surfers because of the difficulty in reaching up to these places. You have to be a little adventurous if you are planning to visit these places, but you can enjoy epic rides as you will be greeted with most rippable waves, sweetest swells and best barrels. Black Rock in Australia Black Rock lies about 100 miles away from Sydney on the way to Jervis Bay, a town that is very near the reef break to...
Learn to Surf: Surf Camps and Schools sport

Learn to Surf: Surf Camps and Schools

Daniel A. Tanner

If you want to surf then you can make it much easier for yourself if you get the help of a professional, as they will give you the skills needed to ride the waves. There are surf schools all over the world and each has different levels and accreditation. Make sure that you do your research so that you get the right surf school that is knowledgeable in both water safety and technique. The Pro Surf School in Bali This Surf School has been voted the best one in Bali for three years by Magic Wav...