Dan Rang - Dec 19, 2006

Ever since the movie “Endless Summer” was released, Costa Rica has been considered a heaven for surfers from all around the globe. In the past few years, the deserted spots turned into number one surfing location; you can still find many beaches literally “made” for surfing that haven"t been discovered by the crowds.



The best place to start off is the Nicoya Peninsula, and to be more specific, the village of Samara.


When you open a travel book, you find out that Samara has been labelled “a sleepy fishing village”. To actually get there, one may take a direct bus from San Jose, simply drive down the paved road from Nicoya, or fly to a nearby airport at Carrillo, which is located only eight kilometres of Samara.



This place is surprisingly untouched by tourism; English is seldom heard. It already has a reputation of one of the safest and most appealing beaches in the country. Whole families can happily enjoy wide beaches and shallow waters, protected by a coral reef. This place will give you memories of  fruit-filled baskets, chilled milk poured from freshly cracked coconuts, sandy floors in local bars and restaurants, breathtaking sunsets and silhouettes of surfers in the tangerine sunlight. All this sounds almost suspiciously perfect!



Samara"s surfing treasures are however rather hidden, than exposed to everybody. An adventurous surfer may find a handful of secret spots accessible by a 4x4 or a boat in close proximity to Samara. Just south of Samara there is Playa Carrillo; in the mouth of the bay lies a reef that pitches seven to eight foot waves that present an ideal opportunity especially for experienced surfers.



Further south lays a secluded beach of Playa Camaronal, accessible only during the dry season by crossing the river Ora. Waves in this area can peak up to twenty feet during the season; the clean lines hold their shape and never close out!



Other remote but amazingly satisfying surfing spots are Playa San Miguel, Punta Islita, or north of Samara – Buena Vista. If you are not attracted by the thrill of surfing, you may as well enjoy other sports, such as windsurfing, sport fishing, kayaking or horseback riding to the Tobacco waterfalls.

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