Denali National Park in Alaska Is for Adventurous Travelers

Daniel A. Tanner - Oct 28, 2013
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Getting away from the normalcy of life is important for both you and your family. We all need a good sense of adventure occasionally. Denali National Park in Alaska can provide you with this sense of adventure. In fact, the park is so fun filled that over 400,000 people flock to its gates every year. This huge number of people going to Denali National Park annually is a testament to its appeal and wonder.

There are so many things to do in the National Park that you would hardly ever get bored. Actually, you are likely to get tired but the sense of adventure will urge you on.

You Can Take a Tour of The Kantishna Wilderness

This extremely exciting tour will take you through the vast hills, deep valleys and numerous trails of Denali. You will get a chance to see big game animals such as wolverines, grizzly bears, moose, Dall sheep and caribou. You will also see many species of both migratory and native birds. All this will happen in the comfort and safety of your bus. You should power up your camera battery before you head for this tour so that you can capture all of Denali’s scenic beauty and wonderful wildlife.

You Can View Denali from the Air

This kind of adventure offers you twice the excitement. You will not only see the beauty of Denali but you get to do it from a bird’s eye view. That is simply incredible. Moreover, you will get to see things that many people may miss. This includes the peaks, glaciers and lakes in and around Denali. The Park hires professional and well-qualified pilots to take you around on flight excursions.

You Can Go Mountaineering

There is nothing as challenging as a hike up to the peak of Denali’s hills. You can do this by planning a self-guided mountaineering expedition. It will challenge you. However, the sense of accomplishment that you will feel at the end of it will be indescribable. All you will have to do is to register with the Denali National Park and Preserve. The park authorities will then recommend a suitable route based on your mountaineering expertise and the prevailing conditions at the time.

You Can Learn Interesting Facts at the Murie Science & Learning Center

This center is located at the Denali Visitor Center. You can see remarkable displays and exhibits that will enlighten you about Denali and Alaska in general. The center has interactive events, teacher trainings, youth camps and educational programs throughout the year. It provides you an opportunity to relax, rest and to learn a few things as you plan the rest of your adventure in Denali.

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