DESTINATION/ Alaska – The Last Frontier

Alaska is loved by adventurers as well as culture enthusiasts. Discover the many options the remarkable state offers to its visitors, explore Sitka and Denali National Park, as well as a number of attractive museums, white glaciers and fascinating wildlife.


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Tourism Industry of Alaska Is Growing Steadily

Kevin Eagan

When Americans think of Alaska, the top industries that they will mostly name are sure to be fishing, oil and natural gas because this is the image that has stuck with the state and they remain the highest earners. Tourism has, however, been a dominant force since the creation of the Division of Tourism in the late 1960s and Alaska has warmly welcomed large numbers of American and international tourists, with a steady growth being seen over the last decade. With the impact of 2012 now plain t...

Sitka, Alaska Offers Native and Russian Heritage Combined with Spectacular Nature

Daniel A. Tanner

What if I told you there was a town in Alaska first settled 10,000 years ago and that it had more recently been the wealthy, sophisticated capital of Russia's North Pacific colonies in the mid-1800s, nicknamed "Paris of the Pacific? Adding some unlikely contemporary facts, this destination of less than 9,000 residents today, accessible only by sea or air, is the largest incorporated city in the United States with a total area of 4,811 square miles. And here's the clincher ... in the year 2013, ...

Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Alaska

James Morris

Trophy fishing, dog sledding across snowy plains, whale watching cruises and calving glaciers: these are just some of the most exciting activities you can consider when visiting Alaska where you'll undoubtedly have the most wonderful time of your life. It doesn't matter whether you visit Alaska by cruise or land, because you can experience a multitude of adventures that will leave you wanting for more. 1. Anchorage Museum The Rasmussen Center is home to the Anchorage Museum which is describe...

Amazing Adventures Await Travelers in Denali National Park

Daniel A. Tanner

Getting away from the normalcy of life is important for both you and your family. We all need a good sense of adventure occasionally. Denali National Park in Alaska can provide you with this sense of adventure. In fact, the park is so fun filled that over 400,000 people flock to its gates every year. This huge number of people going to Denali National Park annually is a testament to its appeal and wonder. There are so many things to do in the National Park that you would hardly ever get bored...