Andrew J. Wein - Aug 21, 2007
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Alaska is the United State’s largest state yet has the smallest population of all of them. Some have stated that it is the most interesting state in terms of natural beauty and wildlife. Even more people, especially those connected with the tourism industry, have claimed that Alaska is ideal for tourists searching for unforgettable experiences and extreme adventure. Indeed, it offers something different to almost anywhere else on the planet.


Let’s take the example of the northern lights, a natural phenomenon arising from plasmas of lights being magnetically attracted to the North Pole. Known scientifically as Aurora Borealis, the northern lights attract a plethora of adventure tourists and science enthusiasts. It is a unique phenomenon to Alaska, best viewed between October and March.


Away from the lights, Alaska has some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world. It boasts the largest population of humpback whales under the sun, along with herds of caribou, grizzly bears going hunting for salmon, wolves and many other species of Arctic animals. The animals tend to be spread throughout the state, residing even in the state capital, Anchorage, and in the more northern and more remote regions. The Glacier Bay national park is one of the world’s most famous for viewing wildlife.


Furthermore, the Denali National Park is home to one of the greatest railroads and spectacular rail experiences on the planet. Some of the views are outstanding, encompassing both Russian and American influences throughout Alaskan history. Glaciers are literally the icing on the cake of Alaskan beauty. It is safe to say that any tourist with an heir of adventure is very unlikely to be left disappointed by a visit to America’s sometimes forgotten state. For those craving for amazing views and unforgettable natural experiences, Alaska is firmly on the list of musts.

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