PROFESSIONAL/ Innovative Promo Campaigns

Every year travelers are drawn by innovative marketing campaigns luring visitors to explore new destinations. Read about a couple of remarkable campaigns with unconventional features.


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Queensland Attracts Potential Visitors with a Dog

Dan Rang

When it comes to tourism campaigns, there are few ways of carrying them out that rival the use of Jester. Jester is a six month old dog that has been in charge of doing the marketing of Australia’s tourist destinations on Instagram. This is one of the most innovative ways of doing such campaigns, and the best thing about it is that it does work very well. There are many people who have responded positively to the campaign, and this just goes to show how much creativity can be effective in such c...
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Idaho Marketing Campaign: Visitors Are the Stars

Richard Moor

The Idaho Tourism Department successfully ran the summer 2013 marketing campaign using the power of networking via social media. The new campaign followed previous campaigns based on digital media. Due to the limited budget of the Idaho Tourism, the head of Idaho’s tourism department adopted a digital campaign few years ago to attract tourist. It was in the news in 2008 that Idaho Tourism office had only $3 million which is not enough to the average tourism state budget of $14 million. It was t...
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Share My Namibia - Campaign Hit Millions of Users

Pat Hyland

Namibia is a great tourist destination, and it is for this reason that Solimar international designed and implemented Namibia Tourism Board’s “Share My Namibia” campaign. This campaign had three main objectives it aimed at achieving, which are: 1. Raise awareness of Namibia’s diverse cultural experiences and market it as an exciting travel destination. 2. Significantly grow Namibia tourism board’s online community among high-value audiences. 3. Provide more and better content about Namibia ...
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Detroit to Launch an Expensive Comeback Campaign

Denise Chen

One of the toughest and probably the almost impossible undertakings is getting to convince top business executives to hold their company meetings and conventions in Detroit as a comeback city. However, the senior VP for sales and marketing at the Detroit Convention & Visitors Bureau, Bill Bohde, has set out on a massive marketing campaign that is set to cost $1.6 million dollars for a city that could be the largest to enter bankruptcy. Bohde had a difficult time trying to win over some to...