Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2012

May 28, 2012

Dear readers

Tourism Review Online Magazine, the June issue, is pleased to present a number of global tourism industry issues. Start with Mauritius – a relatively small but widely known tourist Destination with a significant tourism sector.

The Professional part discusses the current opportunities and challenges of some aspects of hospitality marketing. Get more nature in the Adventure supplement presenting a number of places to see animals in natural settings as well as some ethical aspects of using animals as a tourist attraction.

In this issue we also return to the Ethical side of tourism, this time it is a closer look on the dark tourism. Heritage section of the current issue is dedicated to the travel destinations around the globe closely tied to famous poets and attracting thousands of tourist again and again.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE: Get Poetic and Travel

Larry Brain

- May 28, 2012

Chile, Russia, Ireland and Nicaragua these four poetry destinations we wish to discover for our readers who is not apathetic to the poetry. Pushkin, Neruda and many other names who lefts its unforgettable footprints in the history. Our ambition is introducing destinations were world famous poets lived and created.

PROFESSIONAL: Challenge - Effective Hospitality Marketing

Ashley Nault

- May 28, 2012

Hospitality is still a fast developing industry employing millions of people. Discover the current trends in hospitality marketing and apply introduced low cost solution for promoting your hotel / hotel chain. Either you promote you facility yourself or hire professionals do not stay behind the modern age in the hotel business.

ADVENTURE: Animals All Around

Theodore Slate

- May 28, 2012

Animal tours become more and more popular in different parts of the world. As a results the crucial aspect of the niche arises – how to keep balance between growing numbers of interested tourist and do not exploitation animals. Both aspects – animal sites and ethical issues are revealed in the supplement.

ETHICAL: Dark, Dark, Dark Tourism

Gregory Dolgos

- May 28, 2012

Dark tourism, also known as grief tourism or black tourism is tourism niche involving travel to destinations associated with death and tragedy. Some experts are simply question this equivocal business, other however point out meaning of the preserving historic facts.

DESTINATION: Mauritius – The Pearl in the Indian Ocean

Ashley Nault

- May 28, 2012

For majority, the Mauritius – is just a destination for the rich individuals and celebrities. However one of the most romantic destinations worldwide solves the same issue related to the inbound tourism – diversifying and expanding travel services, cleaning beaches, keeping quality in the hotels.