ADVENTURE: Animals All Around

Animal tours become more and more popular in different parts of the world. As a results the crucial aspect of the niche arises – how to keep balance between growing numbers of interested tourist and do not exploitation animals. Both aspects – animal sites and ethical issues are revealed in the supplement.


Places in Western Australia Where You Will See Native Animals

Cecilia Garland

Western Australia is one of the best animal tourist destinations not only in Australia, but in the global scene. When you travel to Western Australia for animal tourism, you will have the opportunity to visit several wildlife attraction sites and see native animals in their natural habitats. It is great to enjoy your next holiday there. Most Western Australia animal tourist packages usually include tours, visits to fauna parks, zoos, eco-lodges, farm stays and national parks. Whether in the wil...

Wildlife Exploitation: Tourism Sites That You Should Avoid in Indonesia

Chris Grad

Indonesia is the tourism heaven for those who crave for enjoying natural beauty and diverse culture. The most popular tourism sites include Papua, Bali, Yogyakarta and Lombok. Problem is, to make these sites more attractive endangered species are often exploited to the visitors and consequently increase their risk of survival. Here you will find out about the places that exploit wild animals to visitors and why you should avoid them: Sea Turtle Parks: Such parks that display and use sea turtle...

Popular Animal Tourism Spots in Mexico

Bill Alen

When planning to travel to Mexico, it is advisable to look at a list of the most appealing places to visit and get information about the animals living in sanctuaries and those living in the wild. Mexico has many fascinating animal spots where you can see animals such as great white sharks and ocelots among others. They include the following. Racho El Aribabi This is a ranch that lies about thirty miles south of New Mexico in Mexico's Sonora state. It is a popular spot for bird watching. This ...

Animal Friendly Tourism in Nepal for Responsible Tourists

Andrew J. Wein

Nepal is a very well-know part of Asia. Elephant back rides on Chitwan National Park is one of the things that Nepal is famous for. The Royal Bardia National Park's tiger trails is also what Nepal is known for. However, there are some animal welfare issues that tourists should know about while they are in the country. Tourists should think about whether the money they spend in Nepal is going to support events and trades that make money from the suffering of animals. Tourists can easily enjoy Ne...