Places in Western Australia to See Native Animals

Cecilia Garland - May 28, 2012
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Western Australia is one of the best animal tourist destinations not only in Australia, but in the global scene. When you travel to Western Australia for animal tourism, you will have the opportunity to visit several wildlife attraction sites and see native animals in their natural habitats. It is great to enjoy your next holiday there.

Most Western Australia animal tourist packages usually include tours, visits to fauna parks, zoos, eco-lodges, farm stays and national parks. Whether in the wilderness or in captivity, Western Australia features some great types of native birds and animals.

Rottenest Island

The only place in Western Australia that you will find a successful colony of Quokkas is at Rottnest Island. There are around 10,000 of these friendly and gentle marsupials that call this pristine island home. Some people liken Quokkas to mini kangaroos.

Busselton Wetlands

Busselton wetlands are home to over 35,000 birds, with a total of around 90 species. These stunning wetlands, that is set along a 25 kilometer strip behind the Geographic Bay dunes,also houses walk trails,boardwalks, an imperative center and a viewing platform.

Porongurup National Park

Native Australian mammals that include Brush wallabies and Kangaroos can be seen in this 2,500 hectare park that also has rare woodlands, wildflower and stands of Karri trees. In addition, the picnic area which is near the Rock is a paradise for the feathered friends that include yellow Robins, Rufous tree creepers and the vividly colored Scarlet.

Hill Forest Discovery Center

Found in the amazing surroundings of the Jarrah forest, this stunning educational center is filled with fun, camping excursions and nature –based activities. At the Hill Forest Discovery Center, you can expect to see a lot of fauna and native birds on the numerous walk trails.

Yanchep National Park

Yanchep national park is one of the oldest national parks in Western Australia. It is home to numerous Kangaroos and a colony of Koala. The park is also an hour away from Perth. In addition, the park is rich in ancient limestone caves and aboriginal history.

Roebuck Bay

The millions of birds that migrate from northern Asia usually flock here. These birds usually feed on the mud flats at the bay and roost on the red sands. One will have the opportunity to admire them from a distance or even get an educational experience by visiting the Broome's Bird Observatory.

Mornington Wilderness Camp

This awesome sanctuary is situated in Kimberly. It is currently home to over 200 species of amazing replies and birds.Lovers of nature can have a guided tour to explore the habitat.

Windjana Gorge

This amazing three and a half kilometer gorge which is 100 meters high and stretches 100 meters across is home to fresh water crocodiles of all sizes and shapes.

Penguin Island

This fascinating 12.5 hectare picturesque island is home to the west coast's largest colony of penguins. You can learn about these cute birds through displays and commentaries and you can also watch them being fed.


This small town is very famous for its history, fishing, friendly faces, abundance of saltwater crocodiles and massive tides. You can view these crocodiles safely from the Derby jetty vantage point.

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