PROFESSIONAL: Challenge - Effective Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality is still a fast developing industry employing millions of people. Discover the current trends in hospitality marketing and apply introduced low cost solution for promoting your hotel / hotel chain. Either you promote you facility yourself or hire professionals do not stay behind the modern age in the hotel business.


Personalization: The Right Path of Marketing for Hospitality Industry

Dan Rang

With the changing requirement of customers, the hospitality industry is also changing. This was bound to happen with the change in technology and market pattern demanding more out of hospitality industry. It has been researched and found out by some of the topmost marketing companies that personalization is the way to go in this business and the companies that are involved in hospitality business are focusing more on one-to-one relation and customer satisfaction. The changing trend in hospitali...

TripAdvisor - Good Or Evil?

Gary Diskin

Since the very conception of the idea of booking hotels and entire trips online, there has been a debate about whether or not hotels should be connected to the site TripAdvisor. For some individuals, no argument can be made against TripAdvisor. For example, some people are owners of extremely successful establishments and as such, TripAdvisor is a great way of gaining publicity and interest. Inevitably, a high amount of both of these qualities leads to an increase in bookings. In the case of thi...

SoLoMo - New Marketing Trend for Hospitality Industry

Justin N. Froyd

SOcial LOcal and MObile media platforms were hot topics during the annual 2012 Search Engine Strategies conference in London. This particular convergence discussed how traveler's using mobile based devices such as smart phones and tablet computers are increasingly becoming "SoLoMO" customers. Travelers are today being toasted with unique tour experiences courtesy of sleek and sophisticated mobile technological gadgets which are ushering new ways of delivering location specific rich information....

Top 3 Things to Do for Every Hotel Marketer

William Law

The success of a hotel marketer in online marketing is really not rocket science, consumer shopping have changed and evolved along with technology. Now reservations and hotel bookings can be done in so many ways through your laptop, tablet and even through mobile. As hotel marketers there are top things that you need to know to be successful: "It is not just where the guest booked in the end." Instead of one-way interruption, Web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the precis...