Water sports On the Mauritian Coast

Pat Hyland - May 28, 2012

There's something about just being on the beach that has such a profound sense of relaxation to the tourist. A simple stroll along the shore with a loved one is enough for some to just take their mind off of the usual routine. For others, they enter their own 'bubble' by choosing to take advantage of the sun's rays, lying down to get the perfect tan. Still some prefer just to jump in and take a dip, coming out to enjoy a sumptuous lunch and the consequent nap.

Yes, there are so many options to choose from but in Mauritius, there are so many more things to do that it couldn't possibly be all done in a week, much less a day. The luxurious amenities offered by the top-rate hotels and resorts all around the island are enough to keep a tourist indoors, but for one to truly enjoy what Mauritius is all about, he should check out the various water sports.

There is something for everyone, from the businessman looking to take a load off, to a family looking for a bit of adventure. The weather and natural beauty of Mauritius combine to guarantee that regardless of whatever a tourist chooses to do, it will be a definitely memorable experience. Here are some of the water sports recommended by most tourists who have been in Mauritius:

Deep Sea Fishing

There's always going to be a group of fishing enthusiasts around the beaches of Mauritius, ready to accommodate anyone who chooses to take on the thrills of going for the big game in the further parts of the ocean. These clubs are able to skillfully give both experienced anglers and curious thrillseekers a really good time out in the open sea. Tuna, sharks, and marlin are only some of the marine wildlife that abounds in the sea around the island.

Sailing & windsurfing

You can enjoy a different view of the tranquil Mauritian coast from the sea, while sailing the clear waters. There will always be a professional instructor available to take tourists to sail along the coastline, or to teach would-be windsurfers.

Scuba Diving

Mauritius has some of the best reefs for the diver to visit - There are many areas to dive into, and there are many fishes and all sorts of other marine life to see! Considerable expanses of coral reef are open all year round for first-timers and seasoned divers alike to see up close. The underwater world as seen from diving in the coasts of Mauritius is truly a totally different example of how beautiful nature is.


For those who choose to take a step back from scuba diving, snorkeling is the next best thing. Take a relaxed swim just under the crystal clear water, and you will still have a breathtaking view of the colorful world under the sea. For those who just want to see without swimming, there is always the option of looking through boats with glass bottoms.


Tourists who wish to take the greatest advantage of the pleasant winds can definitely opt to do a bit of parasailing. Hop off of one of many scenic viewpoints around the coasts of the Mauritius, and take a leisurely glide down, enjoying the awesome view while getting a decent dose of adrenaline.

These are only some of the many other water sports and ocean activities open for all to enjoy in the island of Mauritius. Tourists looking for something new will be in for a pleasant surprise or two when they see the many things that can be done in the Mauritian coast.


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