DESTINATION: Mauritius – The Pearl in the Indian Ocean

For majority, the Mauritius – is just a destination for the rich individuals and celebrities. However one of the most romantic destinations worldwide solves the same issue related to the inbound tourism – diversifying and expanding travel services, cleaning beaches, keeping quality in the hotels.


Mauritius Visualizes 1,000,000 Visitors for 2012

Alec Hills

There have always been a constantly great number of travelers from all over the world anxious to decide where to spend their honeymoons, getaways, vacations, business meetings, and all other sorts of outings. While some top 'spots' or travel destinations have had more tourists come and go, the businesses on Mauritius are also certainly doing what they could to ensure that the island nation gets its good share of vacationers as well. The Bank of Mauritius has its responsibilities in tracking the...

System for Grading Mauritius Hotels to Be Implemented

Wayne M. Gore

One nation continues in consistency to carve its place of prominence as a prime tourist destination: Mauritius. The island nation is slowly becoming the place to be for most people looking for a good spot to relax and unwind. It is no doubt that many have heard and are seeking to experience the naturally comfortable climate and breathtaking scenery from the coastline to the jungle interiors. According to Mauritian authorities, the country had accommodated close to a million visitors during 2011...

There's Always Something to Do on the Mauritian Coast

Pat Hyland

There's something about just being on the beach that has such a profound sense of relaxation to the tourist. A simple stroll along the shore with a loved one is enough for some to just take their mind off of the usual routine. For others, they enter their own 'bubble' by choosing to take advantage of the sun's rays, lying down to get the perfect tan. Still some prefer just to jump in and take a dip, coming out to enjoy a sumptuous lunch and the consequent nap. Yes, there are so many options to ...

Beaches in the Mauritian Coast Get a Facelift

Pat Hyland

The problem of every country with regards to its tourism industry is that tourists themselves don't recognize when to stop. The abusive power of foreign and local visitors is a very big problem for pristine locations that like to conserve cleanliness and exoticism. With the issue at hand, the Mauritius government has issued an effort to clean its beaches. All of its best intentions are focused on preserving and saving its tourism industry. The initiation of this campaign will likely go a long wa...