HERITAGE: Get Poetic and Travel

Chile, Russia, Ireland and Nicaragua these four poetry destinations we wish to discover for our readers who is not apathetic to the poetry. Pushkin, Neruda and many other names who lefts its unforgettable footprints in the history. Our ambition is introducing destinations were world famous poets lived and created.


Coast of Poets: Chilean Writing at Its Best

Laura Maudlin

Chile, while known to most western countries for the vast and towering mountain ranges and a wide variety of fruit exports, is also home to a surprisingly large number of poets. Along the central coast of Chile, just south of the capital city of Santiago, lies a string of small beach towns that have been a favorite for the local writers and artistic talent. Locally, these towns and the area around them is known as the Coast of Poets.Perhaps the best known poet to come from the country is Pablo N...

Pushkin – Russian Poetry Mecca and Home of Tsarskoye Selo Estate

Bill Alen

If you are a lover of Russian poetry, you will definitely like to see a town known today as Pushkin. The town serves as some sort of Mecca for people who love Russian Poetry and it is quite close to Saint Petersburg. If you are coming from Moscow to this town, you will have to get to Saint Petersburg first. The distance between St. Petersburg and Moscow is approximately 800 km and it is a very popular train route within Russia. A typical overnight train service will do the journey in approximat...

The Literary Tradition of Ireland

Gary Diskin

Ireland is popularly known as a nation of scholars and saints. Its literary tradition can be dated back to over a thousand years when monks began transcribing the Bible. Ireland is also one of the first nations that excelled in vernacular writing. It is the birth place of many legends and mythological stories. Ireland got actively twined into world literature by the 18th century. It was the Trinity College, Dublin that produced some of the greatest writers of literature the world has ever seen....

Granada Poetry Festival - The Best in Central America

Nils Kraus

Granada is a city that is well-known for its history but it is also well-known for hosting the International Poetry Festival. Tee city has hosted the event since 2005. Poetry and culture is celebrated at the festival and poets from all over the globe make their way to the festival. The event is the largest poetry event in all of Central America as well as Nicaragua. Prestigious poets from all over the world are invited to the event every single year. The Civil Society Group was the first to ini...