The Best in Central America Poetry Fest - Granada

Nils Kraus - May 28, 2012
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Granada is a city that is well-known for its history but it is also well-known for hosting the International Poetry Festival. Tee city has hosted the event since 2005. Poetry and culture is celebrated at the festival and poets from all over the globe make their way to the festival. The event is the largest poetry event in all of Central America as well as Nicaragua.

Prestigious poets from all over the world are invited to the event every single year. The Civil Society Group was the first to initiate the Granada Poetry Festival.

The city of Granada is rich with history. The city was founded back in the year 1524 and it is still located at its original location. The city has always seemed like a great place for trade and commerce because it is located right on the shor of Lake Nicaragua.

Since the city is rich with history, it was chosen to host the poetry festival. The festival is also held inside colonial buildings that are scattered across the city and the event is also held outside on the streets. This is why poets, listeners, tourists and spectators gather in the city every single year. There are plenty of places for people to gather, whether it is inside one of the colonial buildings or out on the massive streets of the city.

The festival is much more than just a poetry festival. The massive event does not only hosts people who want to recite poetry. It is more than that. The event is also where concerts are held. Foreign and Nicaraguan singers perform every single year at the poetry festival. There are also plenty of art expositions that take place at the festival as well as carnivals. Theatrical shows also take place at the festival and so does debates. The debates features people discussing themes that are related to poetry. All of these activities make the festival one of the best poetry festivals in the world.

February 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the dates that the festival will be held on this year. The San Francisco Churches as well as the La Merced are some of the locations where the festival will be held. Other locations include the San Francisco Convent and the Plaza de Independencia. A variety of other markets, plazas and schools will also have activities related to the festival going on. There are also a few surrounding towns that will be hosting a wide range of activities the week of the festival. all of these towns are rich with history and culture.

People who attend the poetry festival should make sure that they take the time to visit Granada and explore it a little bit. They should also try to get around to visiting the neighboring towns. Tourists who attend the festival should also try to interact with some of the many participants who are participating in the festival, as this will be a great way to learn a lot of different things about the festival and about poetry.

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