Tourism Review Online Magazine 4 / 2014

Mar 31, 2014

Dear readers

Welcome to the April issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. To relax many of us need to leave the city and get closer to the nature. The Adventure supplement presents a couple of interesting options for holidaymakers who want to spend their time in the wilderness. Colombia, the theme of the Destination part, also offers a number of adventurous activities. However, the country is growing in popularity also thanks to its historical cities and picturesque villages. Those looking for holidays full of delicious food should read the Heritage supplement introducing a number of remarkable culinary tours.

The best and worst taxi services around the world are the topic of the Transport part. Railway companies, on the other hand, and their ability to use social media are the focus of the Professional supplement. Learn about some marketing campaigns that attracted passengers as well as sales. Enjoy the issue!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Cultural Cuisine Tours

Cecilia Garland

- Mar 31, 2014

When on holiday most of us are tempted to try the local specialties and typical dishes. Some travelers even opt for a culinary tour presenting the cuisine more closely. Discover the Bahamas, Italy, South America and Eastern Europe through your taste buds.

PROFESSIONAL/ Railway Discovering Social Media

Cecilia Garland

- Mar 31, 2014

Many rail companies like other businesses can see the opportunities offered by social media. Some operators managed to get closer to the passengers through Twitter or Facebook. Read about some successful approaches and campaigns run by railway companies. Learn about the value of social media for the railway and some tips how to use the media to one’s own advantage.

ADVENTURE/ Reconnecting with Nature

Pat Hyland

- Mar 31, 2014

Looking for special holiday experience close to nature? What about survival vacation? Or a tour where you go hiking barefoot? Or sightseeing under water? Why not to try wild swimming either?

TRANSPORT/ Best of the Best Taxi Services

Sara Thopson

- Mar 31, 2014

Every year taxis all around the world are rated in a survey. Where are the friendliest drivers? Where do you get the best value for money? Who knows the region the best? Where should the tourists be careful when taking a cab?

DESTINATION/ Magically Real Colombia

Nils Kraus

- Mar 31, 2014

Colombia’s tourism industry is steadily growing thanks to a number of appealing destinations and attractions. Cruise industry is increasing as well at a very fast rate. Explore the country’s ports, colonial architecture and beaches.