PROFESSIONAL/ Railway Discovering Social Media

Many rail companies like other businesses can see the opportunities offered by social media. Some operators managed to get closer to the passengers through Twitter or Facebook. Read about some successful approaches and campaigns run by railway companies. Learn about the value of social media for the railway and some tips how to use the media to one’s own advantage.



Railway Enhancing Their Social Media Presence

Dan Rang

The social media is growing rapidly and influencing the societies around the world. It is even being termed as the “Wild Wild West” of marketing. In the transport industry, operators need to recognize this fact and adapt themselves to the changing scenario. Whereas Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly active users (January 2014), Twitter has 241 million monthly active users (February 2014). Many of these people make use of public transport and they immediately comment on the services they use as...

Marketing: Rail Operators Discover Tweeting

Richard Moor

In the past few years, rail and metro operators have embarked on an aggressive campaign to develop new levels of interaction and engagement with their passengers using social media. Twitter leads the pack as the preferred social media platform for train companies interested in communicating with their passengers. This can be attributed to the fact that Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media platform today. It also offers immediacy and intimacy that can’t be matched by any other so...

Via Rail – Human Way of Traveling Thanks to Social Media

Gary Diskin

There are times when all it takes to resolve a customer complaint is just a tweet. This is the precise objective at Via Rail as the railway company aims to resolve dissatisfaction that customers encounter in the train before they alight. This is also one way through which social media is playing a key role in the way businesses relate with their clients. Despite the fact that Twitter and Facebook have been there for a while, there is still a lot that companies that want to interact with their c...

German Rail’s Facebook Campaign – A Lesson in Social Commerce

Daniel A. Tanner

Marketing has changed over the years and organizations are on the lookout for innovative strategies that will help them to capture their dynamic target markets. The internet has revolutionized marketing especially after the launch of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. One such example is Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) that used Facebook for a social e-commerce campaign to advertise its premium routes. The ad called “The Boss Is Coming” was targeted at young travelers who were bel...