East Europe: Culinary Tours Offer Remarkable Experience

Sara Thopson - Mar 31, 2014
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If you are a foodie and love experiencing international cuisines, then a culinary tour or vacation is your best bet to explore a country and its dishes. Food is an integral part of any culture, and it is amazing how different and exciting food can be around the world. Eastern Europe is one such destination which has lots of history and has a rich culture. The cuisines and tastes of Eastern Europe are quite distinctive and popular across the world. So if Eastern Europe is on your radar as the next culinary tour destination, we have a few ideas for you:

Poland Culinary Tour

Poland is the 7th largest country in Europe with diverse topography, one of the five deserts in Europe, lake valleys and one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. There are quite a few culinary tour operators for Poland, out of which Poland Culinary Vacations offer an interesting customized cooking holiday throughout various regions in the country. The tours offered by them are largely country side vacations with a slow holiday approach, wherein you can soak in the local culture and culinary flavors to the fullest.

You can cook along with local villagers and gourmet chefs, making it a complete culinary experience of Polish cuisine. The trip covers both rural towns and modern cities, giving a diverse experience of the country. Some of the highlights of this trip include: visiting Polish food festivals and neighborhood markets, tasting of local delicacies including handmade Bryndza and Oscypki cheeses, lamb dishes and highland tea, cooking local dishes with village women, sampling rare delicacies from family farms and local artisan producers: bread, sausages, cheeses, preserves, world renowned vodkas, honey wines etc., going on mushroom and blueberry hunting, learning about local crafts, visiting famous cultural sites throughout Poland, learning about history and tradition of Polish people, and stay at 4 or 5 star hotels.

Hungary Culinary Vacations

Hungary is a beautiful country and one of the popular tourist destinations in central Europe. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is known for attractions such as Buda Castle and thermal baths on the bank of Danube River. Hungary is associated with rich culture and food. There are a few tour operators that organize culinary tours there.

Taste Hungary is one of the interesting culinary tour operators, who specializes in organizing customized food and wine tours. The tours organized by them are typically for small groups of up to six participants; however tours for individual or large groups can be arranged as well. The tour focuses on real food lovers and it lets the participants enjoy the real feel of Hungarian cooking. There are cooking lessons in Hungarian homes, giving them first hand feel of Hungarian style cooking. The tour includes travelling via public transport or on foot. Trips outside Budapest are covered by car. The tours are totally customized and can be designed as per participant’s requirements.

Bulgaria Culinary Vacations

Bulgaria is a picturesque country which nature has blessed with beauty. Like most European countries, Bulgaria has rich culture and interesting history attached with it. Bulgarians love their food and wine and there is no better way to explore Bulgaria then to go on a culinary vacation. Rozzi Travel organizes culinary tours in Bulgaria. They have multiple options of culinary tours which are designed for the participants to relax and enjoy the country and its cuisine.

The tours organized by them are typically for small groups of 6 to 12 people. The tours are usually planned for over a week or so period, so that the participants can explore the country at slow pace and can soak in the flavors of local delicacies. The culinary vacations in Bulgaria focus on giving exposure to participants of home cooked food items, such as Katmas, Banitsa, homemade jam, cheese, yogurt and bread. The culinary tour lets the participants take lessons on local cooking along with locals or gourmet chefs. The tours also include visit to local wineries, which are known for their quality of wines. The culinary vacations to Bulgaria let you explore local delicacies and beautiful and historic places in Bulgaria at relaxed and easy going pace.

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