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When on holiday most of us are tempted to try the local specialties and typical dishes. Some travelers even opt for a culinary tour presenting the cuisine more closely. Discover the Bahamas, Italy, South America and Eastern Europe through your taste buds.



The Bahamas Is Waiting to Be Tasted

Chris Grad

I flew into Nassau, capital of The Bahamas, the day ahead of a 16-day cruise. Having no interest in baking on beaches or losing money in any of the enticing casinos, I decided instead to select a tour to teach me something about the country I was visiting … however briefly. That’s why I found myself following in the footsteps of local guide, Alanna Rogers, on a Tru Bahamian Food Tour with the descriptive name, Bites of Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour. The stated goa...

Culinary Tours: South America Offers Remarkable Experience

Dan Rang

While one traveler will like nothing better than an intense weekend break in the city to soak in the local arts, others will prefer to tour a wider region at a more leisurely pace to explore a country's varied culture or cuisine. Culinary tours are big business and there are always plenty to choose from as different operators compete to offer the best experiences and local produce in a complete package. You could choose to be among the thousands travelling the vineyards of Argentina or decide to...

Italy Is a Perfect Place for Gourmets

Bill Alen

As the year 2014 rolls into full speed, interest in culinary tours of Italy is gaining considerable momentum. Italy’s exceptional cuisine has long been a source of inspiration for chefs around the world and is one of the first countries to brand itself as a gourmet destination. Recently, local tour operators have introduced interesting additions that include wine pairings, food tastings, and unique cooking courses to their itineraries. Eating and Cycling There has also been a noticeable dep...

Heading East and Discovering Local Cuisine

Sara Thopson

If you are a foodie and love experiencing international cuisines, then a culinary tour or vacation is your best bet to explore a country and its dishes. Food is an integral part of any culture, and it is amazing how different and exciting food can be around the world. Eastern Europe is one such destination which has lots of history and has a rich culture. The cuisines and tastes of Eastern Europe are quite distinctive and popular across the world. So if Eastern Europe is on your radar as the nex...