World’s Best Places for Wile Swimming

Chris Grad - Mar 31, 2014
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On a hot summer day, what could be more refreshing than slipping into the cool, clear waters of a secret lake? Exploring the world's outdoor swimming places is the passion of many people with adventurous souls world over. The best spots can be found everywhere.

1. Pont Du Gard, France

This striking Roman watercourse is superlatively viewed when swimming in the shallow waters in its shadow, where the river widens. The water is crispy and very clear; the neighboring beach is perfect for picnics. However, swimming is prohibited right below the arcs, where the river constricts and currents whirl.

2. River Granta, UK

River Granta is located in the south of Cambridge. It has amazingly wide meanders that are perfect for wild swimming. There is a sequence of swimming sites on the two mile long river towards Grantchester from Cambridge. There is a muddy beach with hanging rope swings and willows located at around one and a half mile along the footpath through Grantchester Fields. You can take tea at the dazzling Spinney Tea Rooms after a wonderful swimming experience. The tea rooms are signposted along the footpath but they are located within Grantchester village, approximately a ten minute walk from the swimming sites.

3. Cenote Yokdzonot, Mexico

The deep cenotes are found at Yucatán in Mexico. They are incredible swimming locations for fearless travelers. Cenote Yokdzonot has smooth waters; it is managed by the local people who charge little fee for swimming. The gulps that bubble in the surrounding walls are good for giving swimmers a challenge.

4. Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos

Located in Laos, Kuang Si has amazing waterfalls with a series of striking pools that are very appealing to swimmers. During the summer season, the sparkling blue water in the pools is delectably cooling. For maximum enjoyment, swimmers are advised to go there during the late hours of the day to evade the searing midday heat and the large crowds.

5. Boulders, South Africa

Boulders is located at Cape Town in South Africa. It gives swimmers a wild sensational swimming experience by allowing them to swim with penguins in the same water. It is an isolated spot on a stormy coastline that gives courageous visitors a worthwhile experience. At this spot swimmers can rub noses with their small counterparts in the water. It is a place worth visiting.

6. Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park, USA

For swimmers whose ultimate swimming experience is achieved in warm waters, Boiling River is the place to visit. As the name suggests, the Boiling River is located where River Gardner’s cold water merges with superheated water of the hot springs to form a series of warm pools. This spot is considerably rocky, thus swimmers are advised to carry shoes when visiting it.

7. River Thames, Pangbourne, Berkshire

River Thames is one of the finest wild swimming spots in the neighborhoods of London. Three miles from Pangbourne through primeval oaks of Coombe park gets you to the edge of Chilterns. At this location, there is an amazing wild expanse of a river with white banks and clear water. Another three miles towards the same direction gets you to beautiful pubs.

8. Underwater Arches in Skye faerie pools

The Faerie Pools on the Island of Skye lie calmly in a shielded gap of lilac rock and red berried rowans. The hazy barbicans of the Black Cullin kingdom upsurge in the air like great Gaudi summits, the leftovers of an enormous volcano. Some of the pools are streaked with green and pink colors while two of them are connected by a subsurface arch. Swimming underneath makes it possible to see the rock faces that are covered with pieces of quartz.

9. Waterfall Woods in the Breacon Beacons, Wales

The Waterfall Woods thrive together with natural pools and falling water sounds. There is a mini canyon and a flat rock outcrop located along the coppice path twenty minutes walking distance away from Pontneddfechan. Continuing with the same path to the same direction gets you to an enormous junction pool under a footbridge that is ideal for family swimming. There is also Lady Falls which occupies a huge amphitheater that is rimmed with a brim of dark black grit-stone. It is one of the loveliest waterfalls in Wales.

10. Plunge pools in the Cheviouts

On the verge of the Cheviots, the fabulous Linhope Spray is a high sprout that falls into an impeccably round plummet pool, famous for its immeasurable depth. There is a six feet shelf from which you can jump. It is scary, many divers stand for some time trying to gather courage.

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