Joe McClain - Aug 24, 2009
Palau is a diving paradise. The marine diversity is overwhelming and thousands of divers leave here in disbelief of what they had just seen; especially those who take a swim in the Jellyfish Lake.  The Republic of Palau is a dazzling country located 500 km east of Philippines in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. It is a marine paradise comprising of several islands as well as coral atolls and the limestone Rock Islands. The marine world of Palau has been for years considered a true wonder of nature. Divers who come here claim that every single dive brings a new experience. The magic only begins with the superb diving; Eil Malk, one of Palau’s Rock Islands features a rather bizarre saltwater lake swarming with jellyfish. A population of over ten million of these strange creatures lives in the lake. And the greatest surprise to all visitors comes when they are allowed to swim with them. Initially, the lake did have an outlet to the ocean, however, it got isolated eventually. The absence of predators caused the jellyfish to evolve and their stinging cells are now reduced to an extent that they cannot harm most of human tissue. Perhaps if the curious swimmers tried to kiss these amazing animals, they may feel it very slightly, though touching them does no harm. What an experience!Another famous dive site of Palau is the Chandelier Cave. In a bay near Koror, the former capital, divers swim through a 130-meter tunnel to reach an unexpected spectacle – the Chandelier Cave. There are, in fact, several caves here as well as an underwater lake. Visitors may actually take off their masks, take a walk along the lake and admire the ancient limestone walls of the caves. Palau is a breathtaking place to visit for anyone. The clear waters are more than inviting, marine riches exceed even bold expectations and those who fancy a bit of history should explore many of the sunken ships, mainly of the WW II era.  Related:Diving Hotspots around the GlobePalau – The Ultimate Diving Adventure

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  1. So much jellyfish! I don't know if I would dare to go into the lake. I bet it must be wonderful experience though.


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