Palau: Shark Week Attracts Researchers and Tourists

James Morris - Jan 26, 2009
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When we say sharks, the word draws attention. Many are afraid of these magical creatures but many are attracted to them. There is a growing movement with a substantial involvement with shark protection. Many sites around the globe that had a healthy shark population are witnessing a huge decline in the numbers of sharks; in many places, they are already extinct.

Palau is one of the last unique places with a rich shark population. Sharks are protected here and any shark fishing and fining is illegal. Very few countries have such strict laws.

The Micronesian Shark Foundation with the assistance of Fish ‘n Fins Dive shop have been conducting scientific research as well as events and seminars targeting divers and shark fans from all over the world.

Groups and individuals, all sharing their concern and admiration of sharks are gathering during a special week, Shark Week, and dive with the sharks, listen to capturing lectures and are involved in the research itself. Representatives from Palau, Guam, US, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, France, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Israel, Holland, Spain, Italy and other countries gather for the only purpose to enhance the awareness in order to protect our sharks. With the media’s support, education and scientific data we could achieve wonders with shark protection.

The 2009 event will host guest speakers from Australian Institute of Marine Science, Dr. Mark Meekan, who is the leading foundation scientist, Dr. Iain Field, Gerhard Wegner from Shark Project, and key officials from the Palau government and community.

Scientific data and information regarding sharks is very limited, and the foundation’s goal is to research the migration patterns of the Micronesian sharks. Every year in February to April we witness a huge migration of sharks that are not residential. Where are they from? Where are they going? The foundation is hoping to get this information and more.

This is your chance to join an adrenalin-packed shark-themed event as The Micronesian Shark Foundation will hold its 7th annual SHARK WEEK event at Fish ‘n Fins dive shop in Palau, March 8-15, 2009.

This is a fabulous opportunity to dive with the world-famous sharks of Palau, help with scientific data collection and enjoy full evening programs of shark-themed seminars and activities. For information please visit the Micronesian Shark Foundation website.

By Tova Harel Bornovski

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