Active / Adventure: Welcome to the Divers’ World

Underwater restaurants, underwater hotels, underwater weddings – yes, underwater tourism is really hot. Come and see the diving spots at Isla Guadalupe or even at Green Island not far from Taiwan. Don’t miss the Shark Week in Palau or the sinking ceremony of USS Kittiwake. First of all though, take your diving gear and head to Caesarea for the fabulous and world’s first underwater museum.


Caesarea: The Underwater Museum Open

Tourism Review News Desk

It was the largest, most impressive port in the Roman Empire when it was inaugurated in 10 BCE. And some 2,016 years later, the ancient port of Caesarea – along the Mediterranean coast of Israel – was inaugurated again in April 2006, this time as the world's first underwater museum. Divers can now don their wet suits and tour the sign-posted remains of the magnificent harbor built by King Herod to honor his Roman patron, Caesar Augustus. The site has been excavated over the last thr...

Meet the Great White at Isla Guadalupe

Vanderlei J. Pollack

The red rocks of Isla Guadalupe blazed in the morning sun, a clear sky welcoming us after a stomach-churning 14-hour crossing. Lapping waves and the cries of fur seals on the nearby shore were the only sounds to be heard one hundred fifty miles from the mainland. The water roiled as foot-high fins sliced the surface like a knife through cerulean silk. It was a perfect day for a dive. "We've got a 16-footer," announced Patric Douglas, CEO of Shark Diver, the outfit leading our expedition. From be...

Retired Navy Ship to Become a Diving Spot

Ashley Nault

It is always an issue with old navy ships. What to do with them when they can no longer ‘remain in service’? When their technical qualities do not suffice? Some privileged ships get transformed into museums; some get simply hidden from the eyes of the public and become deserted ghost ships that gather rust. The USS Kittiwake has a different destiny ahead. And it is nobler than one would have expected. USS Kittiwake is to become an underwater attraction and more importantly, and artificial reef ...

Discover the Sea Life at Green Island

William Law

In March 2008, a group of us went to Green Island, a small volcanic island not far from Taiwan, on a Green Island Adventure. On Friday morning, we boarded the train to Taitung on a scenic 5.5-hour journey round Southern Taiwan. After a short wait (allowing time to freshen up at the new and clean bathrooms at Taitung station), we were greeted by Jacky who took us to the harbor where we boarded a ferry on a 50-minute cruise to Green Island. Green Island greeted us with a blanket of greener...

Palau: Shark Week Attracts Researchers and Tourists

James Morris

When we say sharks, the word draws attention. Many are afraid of these magical creatures but many are attracted to them. There is a growing movement with a substantial involvement with shark protection. Many sites around the globe that had a healthy shark population are witnessing a huge decline in the numbers of sharks; in many places, they are already extinct. Palau is one of the last unique places with a rich shark population. Sharks are protected here and any shark fishing and fining is i...