ADVENTURE/ Reconnecting with Nature

Looking for special holiday experience close to nature? What about survival vacation? Or a tour where you go hiking barefoot? Or sightseeing under water? Why not to try wild swimming either?



Survival Courses – Different Kind of Holidays

Cecilia Garland

Survival holidays where people go to learn survival tactics and skills are getting more and more popular. Most survival holidays take place in the jungle, desert or in the wilderness away from civilization. They are meant to equip the participants with basic necessities for human life for example water, shelter, food and habitat. Those who go for these holidays learn new techniques for example how to signal for help, how to navigate safely, how to think straight in desperate situations and how t...

Top 10 Places for Wild Swimming

Chris Grad

On a hot summer day, what could be more refreshing than slipping into the cool, clear waters of a secret lake? Exploring the world's outdoor swimming places is the passion of many people with adventurous souls world over. The best spots can be found everywhere. 1. Pont Du Gard, France This striking Roman watercourse is superlatively viewed when swimming in the shallow waters in its shadow, where the river widens. The water is crispy and very clear; the neighboring beach is perfect for picnics....

Barefoot Walking – Trendy Way of Staying Healthy

Denise Chen

Have you ever walked on barefoot lately? It's lovely to walk barefoot on the beach or on the grassy area of the park. However, aside from feeling good and comfortable, there are also certain benefits that your body can get with barefoot walking that you've never heard of before. There's a sense of healing that nature can provide to our body by walking without shoes, slippers, or any foot apparel. These natural healing benefits were enjoyed by the ancient people, but today these connections betwe...

Sightseeing and Diving – Underwater Trails Are England’s Attractions

Dan Rang

While tourists who visit England usually seek to explore its palaces and historical buildings, most of them are unaware that there are a plethora of shipwrecks, which are scattered just off England's coastline, that are easily accessible and offer the divers a unique opportunity to learn about the kingdom’s rich maritime history. For the past ten years, English Heritage, who are responsible for preserving the nation's historical buildings have carried out significant work to ensure the preser...