Barefoot Walking Is the New Trends among Travelers

Denise Chen - Mar 31, 2014
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Have you ever walked on barefoot lately? It's lovely to walk barefoot on the beach or on the grassy area of the park. However, aside from feeling good and comfortable, there are also certain benefits that your body can get with barefoot walking that you've never heard of before. There's a sense of healing that nature can provide to our body by walking without shoes, slippers, or any foot apparel. These natural healing benefits were enjoyed by the ancient people, but today these connections between people and the earth have been lost. Here are some of the amazing benefits of walking barefoot.

Health-Related Problems Can Be Prevented By Barefoot Walking

The number one cause of health problems is stress. Through barefoot walking on the beach, on the grass, or on stony grounds the stress in your body is reduced, thus it also lowers your chances to get illnesses. Sleep is also improved as you walk without your shoes or slippers on every now and then. Chronic pain, hypertension, asthma, blood sugar levels, and hormonal imbalance are also managed with barefoot walking. Energy is replenished and your immune system is empowered to fight inflammation and many health problems.

Tour Operators Offering Barefoot Walking

There are a number of tour operators around the world that offer barefoot walking as a part of their itineraries and activities. Captain Matty in Australia is one of the tour companies that can take you barefoot on a trekking trail or wonderful waterfalls to enhance your connection with nature. Another tour you can get into is Barefoot Panama, which takes their tourists to some of the famous tourist spots in Panama through barefoot walking. UK also has their first barefoot trail, Barfuss trail in the Trentham Gardens to offer both locals and tourists a chance to walk barefoot, while enjoying the park's view.

There are many barefoot tours and trails around the world today that you can take part on to reap the natural health benefits of walking barefoot. Don't miss the chance of getting more from the earth and make your body healthier and young looking. People are doing these practices more and more to enjoy nature, relieve stress, and be healthy.

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