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Central Park is an iconic place and a must-see for any visitor of New York City. Led by licensed tour guides, Central Park Walking Tours offer unique experience while exploring the most important landmarks of the Park.

Visiting New York City without seeing Central Park means never having been there at all. In its nearly 150-year existence, the park has gained an iconic status and all year round appeals to an impressive 35 million visitors.

While locals are used to the luxury of having such a park in the midst of the city and perhaps may not appreciate Central Park fully, visitors often seek a guide in order to explore its every corner and discover all its hidden gems. Central Park Walking Tours are a guarantee nothing of interest is missed.

While a considerable portion of the park, together with many of its major landmarks are easily accessible for bikers or skaters, there are several well concealed places which are only accessible on foot. Central Park Walking Tours have designed a comfortable tour, which not only aims to introduce the park in all its glory, but also reveals the less known and explored aspects which many miss out on.

The tours have been carefully tailored to make sure visitors of all ages and interests find them entertaining and useful. Only licensed NYC tour guides are conducting the tours, making sure to explore the colorful past of the park as well as explain its current status and point out all the relevant places of interest. Thanks to years of experience, the guides can reveal hidden paths and stories not known to the public, make sure to point out famous movie spots as well as spend time introducing the most famous landmarks.

The only requirement set by the NYC Walking Tours is a minimum of four people to participate in the walking tour. It usually lasts about two hours which is a time well worth investing. The pace is very comfortable and visitors will in no way feel pressured to rush around the park to see the next attraction. The tour starts at the Columbus Circle and there will be plenty of time to fit in the famous Strawberry Fields, Cherry Hill and Bethesda Terrace; one of the spots only accessible on foot is ‘The Ramble’ – a wooded section popular among bird-watching fans.

The tour packages range from walking tours to guided bike rides and bike rentals to make sure all tourists are satisfied and their visit to Central Park is an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

The park is open all year round and remains the most visited urban park in the United States. At weekends or after 7 pm, it becomes a hot spot for runners, bikers, in-line skaters, simply sports enthusiasts; nearly every weekend, there is an official sporting event organized here.

Culture lovers will in no way feel left behind as there are many theatre and music festivals to amuse them; the Public Theatre puts on free performances in the summer months, the New York Shakespeare festival has gained excellent reputation and the New York Philharmonic gives a traditional open air concert here every year as well. The Summerstage is also highly regarded, featuring a series of interesting performances during the summer months.

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  1. I've done it once an it really was the most amazing part of my stay in New York. Central Park walking tour with this guys is a must see!!!

    Ekel Stari (Belarus)

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