Dan Rang - Jun 13, 2011

Summer is approaching and Central Park in New York City has come in bloom. Its charm and beauty attract thousands of visitors; those who long to discover its secrets often choose local guided tours. Many enjoy walking or bike tours, but another big hit on offer are local pedicab tours.

Central Park is New York’s precious gem. Early morning appeals to running and walking enthusiasts, warm weather lures pick-nick lovers and tourists gather here all year round. There are many fascinating sites all over the park, and its annual schedule is full of significant musical and theatrical events which raise its profile.

Tourists agree even a brief visit to Central Park is an absolute must. To tell more about its history and sites, Central Park Tours offer a variety of choices; the traditional walking tours as well as bike tours are immensely popular, however, the rickshaw rides feature a very exciting alternative for those who are not too keen or able to walk all the way.

The Central Park Pedicab Tours are available in English, French, Spanish, German as well as other languages and all drivers are well trained guides. Cameras at the ready, tourists enjoy some of the most spectacular sites here, including the beautiful old carousel, the infamous boat racing pond from the movie Stewart Little, Bethesda Terrace or Strawberry fields, named after the famous Beatles‘ song. Imagine Mosaic commemorates John Lennon, whose house, the Dakota is nearby.

The Central Park Pedicab tour is ideal for two adults and one child; one option features an hour-long tour around approximately 1/3 of the Park, for $75 and those who have a bit more time and money to spare will enjoy the two-hour ride around the entire park for $185.

Those keen to give the Rickshaw Tour in Central Park a try will appreciate its flexibility; if the Columbus Circle is not an ideal finishing stop for them, they may request one of their own liking.

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