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Colombia’s tourism industry is steadily growing thanks to a number of appealing destinations and attractions. Cruise industry is increasing as well at a very fast rate. Explore the country’s ports, colonial architecture and beaches.



Colombia: Current Tourism Industry Developments

Cecilia Garland

Santiago Rojas Arroyo, the Colombian Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, confirmed that the average growth of the country’s tourism in 2013 remained at the same rate as in the past three years. The Republic of Colombia is set to reach four-million international travelers this year. Recent Growth of International Arrivals According to the fiscal forecast disclosed by Rojas and board members, international arrivals will be increasing at 4 to 4.5% rate throughout the second to fourth q...

Amazing Places to Visit in Colombia

Chris Grad

If you are vacationing in Colombia or even if you live there, you might not realize how many amazing places there are to visit. From historical landmarks to places that are just great fun, this list of the 10 top amazing places to visit in Colombia will tell you everything you need to know. 10. La Candelaria in Bogota You simply cannot be in Colombia without exploring Bogota, the streets that are filled with amazing history and culture. The Museo de Oro (Gold Museum) has the largest collecti...
Cruises Sea/River

Cruise Tourism Reported 20% Increase

Dan Rang

Colombia is a leading destination for both the boating industry and marine tourism. Its increase in popularity can be attributed to its strategic and superb location on the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean and its unique port cities. People visiting Colombia are given a rare opportunity to see the country’s natural beauty, culture and rich history coupled by the welcoming ambiance and hospitality of the local people. Colombian cruise tourism industry is undoubtedly one of the pillars of the country’...

Less Known Yet Remarkable Destinations

Denise Chen

Nothing says that you’ve been on unusual ground like a passport control officer asking “Cartegena? Why would anyone go to Colombia?” as he looks at your stamps. Some Americans might consider Cartagena an odd holiday destination. However, it is one of the most popular places for travelers in South America at the moment. The Historic Port The land has been associated with Pablo Escobar and Marxist guerillas for many years. The area has changed significantly over the last 10 years and is now a ...